• Auerbach Verlag-Leserwahl 2014

    Kathrein erneut erfolgreich in der Kategorie „Sat-Antennen“

    Rosenheim, 23.07.2014

    Auch in diesem Jahr hatte der Verlag seine Leser gebeten, über ihre Lieblingsprodukte aus den Bereichen Digital-TV, Heimkino, Audio, Entertainment und Weiße Ware abzustimmen. Zur Wahl aufgerufen waren über drei Millionen Leser der Zeitschriften DIGITAL FERNSEHEN, HD+TV, DIGITAL TESTED, BLU RAY...

Kathrein is one of the key technological leaders in the telecommunications technology sector. Due to the innovative strength and outstanding product quality, the company is one of the world’s top manufacturers of antenna systems and electronic components. The Kathrein Group runs six facilities in Rosenheim as well as 18 production facilities world-wide. The operation has a workforce of approximately 8,000. 

In the field of mobile communications and filter systems, Kathrein delivers the technology required by operators across the globe, allowing optimum and future-proof network design. The company specializes in wireless service provision in buildings, where approximately 80 per cent of all data traffic now takes place. Kathrein also offers a wide product range and a multitude of innovative solutions in the field of satellite reception and broadband communications, such as products for home networking. Moreover, the company is a trusted supplier world-wide for broadcast antennas, providing customized solutions for the most difficult challenges. Thanks to their automotive antenna solutions, Kathrein is also an experienced partner of the automotive industry, having received the Daimler Supplier award in 2013.

More than 500 engineers and technicians are employed in the group’s Research and Development departments. Roughly ten per cent of sales revenue is invested in research and development every year. The dynamic nature of the markets in which the Kathrein Group operates demands a high level of innovation; as a result, the company generates over 60% of their sales with products that are less than two years old.