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Infotainment Headend Solutions

Modern TV Systems for Future-proof Installations

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  • Overview
  • Operating Principle
  • System Overview

Services for K-BOW

System Availability Guaranteed by Competency

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K-BOW Training Services

Training 2018/2019

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  • Contents
  • K-BOW Training 2018/2019
  • K-BOW Radio Planning
  • K-BOW Installation
  • K-BOW Start-up
  • K-BOW Field Service
  • K-BOW O&M

Hennessy Park Hotel

How K-BOW Provides Mobile Network Coverage for the Cybercity on Mauritius

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  • Company Portrait
  • Optimum mobile reception at the Hennessy Park Hotel
  • Interview with Paul Valette and Shameem Mowla

Indoor Mobile Broadband Solutions

Distributed Antenna Systems

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  • General Information
  • Technical Description
  • Optimisation of Indoor Mobile Broadband
  • Multiple Scenarios Connected to One System
  • Flexible Routing
  • Optimising Your Total Cost of Ownership
  • Design Matters in Indoor Solutions
  • WiFi an Cellular: A Converged Network in Buildings
  • K-BOW Services

Micro C-RAN System

Mobilfunklösung für Gebäude


Integrating WiFi and In-Building Mobile Cellular Services in a Common Infrastructure

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  • K-BOW Overview
  • Motivation
  • Mobile Cellular Network Stands for Secure and Reliable Connection
  • Emerging Technologies Need Both: Cellular and WiFi
  • Solution Description
  • Customer Benefits

IPTV Solutions

Perfect Customer and Guest Experience with Kathrein Solutions

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  • Solutions and Benefits
  • Introduction
  • Services
  • UFOcompact plus®, UFO 844

In-Building Wireless Solutions

Passive Distributed Antenna Systems

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  • Company Portrait
  • Introduction
  • Technical Description
  • Application
  • Services
  • Reference Projects

Same-Band Combiner

Solutions for Network Sharing

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  • Benefits and Application
  • Site Configuration Example
  • Portfolio and Tuning