Your discussion partners at the trade fair stand

Our exhibition team represents a skill mix for every purpose and topic. The experts from Engineering, Research & Development, Projects and Sales are happy to talk about your topics.

The team combination with Kathrein and SIRA representatives offers a good range to fit all project requirements, scalabilities and budgets.

If you have any questions in advance or would like to make an appointment, please contact us by e-mail.

In the following list you can see who is present on the individual exhibition days.

Exhibitors from KATHREIN and SIRA (Partner)

Name Company Position At Stand
Georg Hollmann KATHREIN Vice President - Broadcast 16. – 17.09.
Dr. Andreas Kirschner KATHREIN Senior Director Projects Kathrein 14. – 16.09.
Jörg Lippert KATHREIN Vice President - Sales 14. – 16.09.
Wolfgang Niedhammer KATHREIN Head of Partner Management 14. – 18.09.
Christian Sautter KATHREIN Senior Director R&D Prod. Management 16. – 18.09.
Isabell Späth KATHREIN Administration - Projects Kathrein 14. – 18.09.
Anton Vogl KATHREIN Head of Regional Sales Africa 14. – 18.09.
Rainer Vogt KATHREIN Head of Regional Sales Europe & Mid. East 14. – 18.09.
Roberto Daho SIRA Sales Manager Broadcast Division 14. – 17.09.
Cristiano Panzera SIRA System Engineering Manager 14. – 16.09.
Maurizio Venturini SIRA Area Sales Manager Broadcast Division 14. – 17.09.