Kataloge und Prospekte

In diesem Bereich erhalten Sie Einblick in unser breites Produktportfolio. Außerdem finden Sie fundierte Informationen zu spezifischen Mobilfunklösungen.

2G–5G Hybrid Antenna

Hybrid Passive and Active Antenna System

Kathrein Street Connect®

Revolutionising Data Traffic in Cities

  • Introduction
  • Building Blocks
  • Specification
  • Proof of Concept

Kathrein Inside Connect

Integrates Mobile Communication into Ad Space

  • Introduction
  • Modular Concept
  • Electrical Specification

Small Cells

Data Traffic Offload for Hot Spots

  • Introduction
  • Antenna Use Cases
  • Antenna Highlights

Auto-Sense Combiners

Simplifying Site Configurations

  • Two Different Modes
  • Functional Preconfigurations
  • Features/Benefits

DTMA/MHA Portfolio

Solutions for GSM, UMTS and LTE

  • Product Basics and Examples
  • Portfolio Summary
  • Benefits

Same-Band Combiners

Solutions for Network Sharing

  • Benefits and Application
  • Site Configuration Example
  • Portfolio

Antenna Line Devices

Solutions for Site Optimisation

  • Introduction
  • Multi-Band Combiners
  • Same-Band Combiners and System Components
  • DTMAs

Remote Electrical Tilt System

Overview of Products, Installation, Control Possibilities and FAQs

  • Introduction
  • RET Components
  • Kathrein’s RET System
  • Control Devices
  • Adjustment and Monitoring of the Antenna
  • Installation Guidelines – FlexRET Antennas
  • Installation Guidelines – External RCU
  • Questions and Answers – FlexRET and RFID-RCU
  • DTMAs

Catalogue 2019 | Mobile Communication

Base Station Antennas and Antenna Line Products

  • XPol
  • Small Cell and Special Design
  • VPol
  • Omni
  • RET
  • Electrical Accessories
  • Mounting Accessories
  • Antenna Line Devices
  • Passive Intermodulation Measuring Filter

Passive Intermodulation Measuring Filter

  • Passive Intermodulation
  • Kathrein PIM Filter
  • Specifications