Combined Degree Programme

Your Smart Chance – Academic degree & Apprenticeship

Combine theory from your studies with plenty of practice – and many career opportunities. Our combined degree programme opens up countless professional options for students with a university or college entrance qualification. We offer the following combined degree and vocational programme. 

For grammar/secondary/high school graduates who want to combine an academic degree with an apprenticeship

If you have a diploma qualifying for university or college admission and want to combine an academic degree with a solid, practical apprenticeship. A combined degree and vocational programme, which takes four and a half years.

Parallel to your university studies, we train you in our high-tech training workshops and in various departments. During the university phase, you can concentrate fully on your studies since you are financially supported throughout the entire training and study phase by the training remuneration or a scholarship.


Please contact us with your questions about the combined degree programme by sending an email to ausbildung.eagericssoncom or read our FAQs.

Available combined degree programmes