A new stage of life begins

They have made it: 21 Kathrein trainees now have their certificates in their pockets - and have successfully completed their training. There was much recognition and praise at the traditional "Freisprechungsfest" in Rosenheim.

Much praise for the trainees

The festive event was opened by Dirk Kamlah and Joe Doering. Both welcomed all 21 trainees and their trainers and congratulated them on the excellent results they achieved in their exams. For the first time, the graduates also included three compound hours which complete their training as industrial mechanics in combination with a mechanical engineering degree at the Rosenheim Technical University. For the three of them it is now time to successfully master the 6 and 7 semesters and then to support their departments, e.g. in the area of development as a Bachelor with products for the new 5G standard.

Long-awaited: The handover of the certificate

After so much praise and recognition, the time had finally come: every trainee was allowed to receive his or her final and job reference from Dirk Kamlah and the trainers. Five trainees even received a special award because they had received the state prize for their special achievements at the vocational school.

A look at the past

After the official handing over of the certificate, the training period was reviewed in a PowerPoint slideshow with all the highlights of the past years, starting with the visit to the Herbstfest and the hut and ending with the final examination.

Afterwards, it was off to the cosy part: Over a small snack, everyone could finish the event together in a nice atmosphere.

So it goes on now

To the great delight of the trainers and all those involved, 15 graduates will remain with us and will continue to work at Kathrein or Ericsson. The remaining six have decided to go on to secondary school or university.

We congratulate all graduates on their successful graduation and wish them all the best and much success for their future career!