Ericsson informs students about vocational training

What do I do after school? This question was the focus of an information evening for pupils who are about to graduate from secondary school and are thus mostly about to enter working life. On 29 January, the young people were able to inform themselves about the various possibilities at the Staatliche Wasserburger Realschule.

In the school, various companies in the region presented their apprenticeships, and Ericsson was of course also there. Besides the possibility for the pupils to get a general impression of the company, they could ask individual questions about their interest. In order to be able to answer every question of the students, besides the mechanical trainer Thomas Heilmann, the trainee as industrial mechanic Sascha Hofstetter, the trainee as office management assistant Anna-Lena Gartner and the trainee as electronic technician for devices and systems Johannes Geidobler were present. (on the photo from left to right).

For an insight into the practical side of the apprenticeships, some of the industrial mechanics' workpieces, such as a forklift truck, were on display. Those interested in the apprenticeship of an electronics technician could try out soldering an electronic dice. The demand for the various training occupations was mixed. The evening was well planned by the school, and the physical well-being was also taken care of.