Katek apprentices visit Kathrein

The invitation for 30 Katek apprentices to visit the Rosenheim premises of the parent company Kathrein on 27th October 2014 was a great success for both parties. As well as allowing the young employees to get to know each other, the visit focussed on a deeper insight into the individual areas at Kathrein.

After a welcome by Vanessa Hochrein, Education and Training Manager at KATHREIN-Werke KG and a brief presentation about the company, the group of around 30 apprentices were given an impression of the production on site. The entry into the practical world at Kathrein was conducted by Peter Bachmann and Karl Huber, responsible for mechanical and electronic training, who provided an informative introduction to Works 3. The high point of the morning was the presentation by Mr Thomas Riedl of the K-Bow, a new future-oriented product for use in the field of data exchange within buildings.
The Katek and Kathrein apprentices were then invited to a relaxed lunch together in the canteen. Over a meal of sausage and pretzels, the apprentices and their tutors were able to exchange and discuss ideas, experiences and plans for current topics of interest.

At the start of the afternoon, the Katek JAV (young persons and apprentices association) for their part made a presentation about the subsidiary, and the training they were receiving there.
The absolute highlight of the day was to be welcomed by Anton Kathrein to Works I. He was impressed at the interest shown by the young employees, and took great pleasure in welcoming them to Rosenheim for their visit. Michael Leitner then showed the Katek apprentices the galvanising shop, and introduced them to the SAT product range. Here Mr Peter Weber gave important product and production information about what we call the "Alm" in Works I. The successful day closed with a short discussion and a brief overview of possible future links between Kathrein and its partner company.
We would like to acknowledge with thanks all those who helped make the day a success. The JAV of Katek, which had made the initial proposal for this visit, the JV of Kathrein, which helped greatly throughout the day and with the preparations for it. We would like to thank Thomas Riedl, Peter Weber and Michael Leitner as well as the training managers Josef Romberger and Vanessa Hochrein for a wonderful day, and Anton Kathrein for his warm and personal welcome.