M+E films at Kathrein

It was an exciting day for Raphael Pfeilstetter: he was interviewed on camera for the junior campaign for job information at M+E: "Berufsinformationen der M+E-Industrie ". The fledgling electronics technician (systems and devices) had learned a few days earlier that he was being allowed to report his experiences during the training which he had at end of July.

This truck is the central medium of the nationwide youth campaign of the employers’ associations of the metal and electronics industries which are known as “M+E-InfoMobile”. This large double decker information truck offers a wide range of media to students and pupils to inspire them to train within the M+E industries.

With this trucks visit comes newly acquired video concept which wants to pick up young people about to make their way into the world. In a street survey, Jessica Lange (as the presenter) asked young people about things that are important to them in life. Subsequently, the presenter leads on to three M + E-companies. Kathrein is one of these companies.

Young workers are briefly portrayed in these clips. They explain the important conditions for them, as offered by the company, such as earning, opportunities for advancement, or the good balance of work, family and leisure. "In this way interested young people are shown how attractive a training in the M + E-industry is," said Sarah Breidenbach whilst filming at Kathrein Plant III in Rosenheim.. She is the online editor for campaign "Professions & Fields" (“Berufe & Branchen”), of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (Institute of German Business).

Raphael Pfeilstetter, who is currently works in the antenna development section as a freshly-trained electronics technician for devices and systems, didn’t need long to think about it:
"It’s great fun to go out troubleshooting on our antennas and finding out the best solutions as a part of the team. It's great to develop new ideas and help to advance the technology."
He was filmed at several locations at Plant III: filter production, in the workshop, and above the rooftops of Rosenheim, and on the antenna platform of Plant III.

"I like to work as part of such a young team, and we can always chat and swap ideas. The working atmosphere is super", said Raphael Pfeilstetter very convincingly.

Sarah Breidenbach will be showing these posts in the Info-Trucks from the beginning of October 2014.