Parents’ Afternoon and Getting-to-Know-You Meeting for Our New Apprentices

According to our motto “An apprenticeship that connects”, we recently invited our future apprentices and their parents to an informative and fun afternoon at our company. The focus was on “breaking the ice” before the apprenticeship starts in September.

After a warm greeting by Dirk Kamlah, Head of Personnel Development, we held a question time, where everybody could ask questions about the various apprenticeships.

Then it was high time for a little warm-up game to introduce the new apprentices to each other: In pairs, they had to find out what they had in common. The results were written down on a flipchart.

Meanwhile, the parents could talk to the trainers about all topics related to their children’s vocational education and discuss formalities. Afterwards, they set off on a short tour of the apprentice workshop and offices.

Over coffee and cake, the whole group came together again and exchanged their impressions. At the end of the afternoon, the apprentices presented the results of their game, which caused quite a bit of laughter in the audience.

It was a very nice and entertaining afternoon and we are looking forward to welcoming our new apprentices in September 2019!

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