Summer Festival 2014

On Friday 18th July 2014, the Kathrein trainee’s summer festival took place on the meadow behind the workshop. The Festival was started by the youth and apprentice foundation (JAV). The "Jamarock" band provided the live musical entertainment with Daniela Inninger as their lead singer, who herself is a former trainee of KATHREIN-Werke KG.

Herr Kathrein was invited as our guest of honour, and he turned up wearing lederhosen and a T Shirt with the JAV slogan on it. He had been presented with this at the annual works meeting by the JAV team. We were also very pleased to welcome the following people to the summer festival:
All the instructors, Herr Boddeutsch, and Frau Cvijic of the Works Council, Herr Schindler from the Executive Board, Herr Tessner (Head of Human Resources), Herr Kamlah (Personal development manager) and Frau. Haney (Head of education and training.

During the course of the summer festival, two high points came to note:
The Kathrein trainee’s football team brought the victory home on the 4th July and the National football team brought the victory home on the 13th of July.
As a special surprise Herr Kathrein presented Football jerseys in the company colours to the winning Kathrein trainee football team. We are already looking forward to next year’s big win.

Barbecuing needs to be learned. Mr Boddeutsch took his hand and was the grill master, and broke in the new barbecue. Along with Frau Cvijic they both managed to supply the whole team.JAV were particularly pleased with the great cooperation between employees from the warehouse, the locksmiths and the carpenters, who actively supported the trainees in the development of the event.

Our biggest thanks go of course to Herr Kathrein, who through moral and financial support has allowed the summer festival to take place.

Thank you very much for listening to us and for your support,

Your trainees