28 Trainees and 8 Students start their Careers and Studies at Kathrein

From the classroom to the job: On 01 September 2015, 28 young people from the area started their job training at KATHREIN-Werke KG in Rosenheim. This year there were vacancies for every apprenticed trade that the company offers. Kathrein will train four industrial clerks, a marketing and communication assistant, an IT application specialist, an IT system integration specialist, two technical product designers, six electronics technicians, eleven industrial mechanics, and two surface coating specialists. In addition, eight students started courses in the fields of mechatronics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology, industrial engineering, and business administration.

The first week´s schedule at the company was full of interesting activities. Norbert Schindler (CFO) and Maria Weber (head of Education and Training) welcomed the newcomers together with the respective instructors (Jana Wiersch, Peter Bachmann, Thomas Heilmann, Karl Huber, and Josef Berger) and the mentors for the commercial trainees. Mentorship for the commercial trainees was newly introduced at Kathrein this year. Next point on the agenda was getting to know each other in the form of workshops and games. After a guided tour of Plant 1, everybody was looking forward to the highlight of the first day – a visit to the Herbstfest. The relaxed atmosphere provided plenty of time to get to know some senior and former trainees and the instructors.

The following morning, the trainees met at the Red Cross station in Rosenheim to do their basic first aid course for first aiders at work. At the same time, the students attended workshops and developed interesting concepts for time and project management.

The third day started with even more teambuilding activities. In the meeting following, the new trainees were briefed about employment at Kathrein. There was a safety-at-work presentation and an introduction of the Young Employees and Trainees Representatives (JAV) and the Works Council. Then the trainees had the chance to prove their creativity in the flying-egg contest: design and build a structure that would prevent a raw egg from breaking from a high drop.
On Friday, the technical trainees set off for their training workshop, and the commercial trainees went on a tour of the different plants and departments. The students attended workshops where they could gain valuable experience for their studies.

The Education and Training team is very happy that the new trainees and students are so highly motivated and enthusiastic and they hope that job training in 2016 will get off to an equally good start.