Apprentices' Christmas Party 2016

Wednesday, 14 December 2016: it’s the season. The time had come for the Kathrein apprentices’ Christmas celebration! Like every year, the Christmas party for the apprentices and instructors was organised by a team from the 2nd year. The organising team included: Lisa Gruber, Miriam Westermeier, Christian Steinegger, Ulrich Schex, and Hannes Kinninger.

Following a long tradition, the 1st year apprentices banded together as a choir to take care of the musical entertainment. The first few rehearsals already made it clear that their performance would be a great success. This left the organising team free to deal with the other points on the agenda.

A presentation about the year 2016 in review helped the 90 guests to get into the right mood for the evening. All in all, the event featured a varied and interesting programme and offered lots of good food and home-made cookies. For a couple of hours, everybody could get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine and enjoy the Christmas party to the full.

The fact that Anton Kathrein, Frank Ullmann, Joe Doering, and Markus Pflitsch attended, was a particular treat for the apprentices. Like in the year before, Frank Ullmann had prepared a little impromptu text for Alexander Tessner, who recited it with his usual serenity. This performance and some more put the audience into good humour and high spirits.

Among them was also the new instructor, Florian Waldschütz (electronics instructor). Santa Claus had composed some funny rhymes for him so that the apprentices would get to know Florian in a very enjoyable manner. Santa had also prepared something for the members of the executive board and the other instructors. In addition to that, the apprentices had collected some money to surprise the management with personal gifts.

To organise a party for 90 guests requires some courage and good coordination skills - everything must be taken care of. That was an exciting and responsible task for the organising team. They had aimed for a stress-free and smooth-running event. And it turned out that there was no need to be nervous. The party was a great success and everything ran smoothly. Looking back one can say that planning and managing the Christmas celebration was very good practice for the organising team and preparation for professional life.

Here is a summary by Jana Wiersch, a commercial instructor: Every year, the apprentices’ Christmas party is a very special event for everybody involved. The organising team had all hands full with planning and organising the programme, the decoration, the food, the music and many other things! Two commercial apprentices had the chance to help them hosting this year’s celebration. Lisa Gruber and Hannes Kinninger easily found the right words and mastered their job perfectly, in spite of a tiny little bit of stage fright.

My personal highlight every year is to join the choir practice. The joy and enthusiasm our apprentices show - starting with the selection of the songs (for example Jingle Bells, Hallelujah, The Sound of Silence) up to the final rehearsal and the performance at the party - demonstrate that they have a very strong team spirit and a lot of fun in their apprenticeship.