Apprenticeship Welcome Days 2018

21 new apprentices started their inspiring and exciting apprenticeship at Kathrein on 3 September. This year we are offering two new apprenticeships: Wholesale and foreign trade clerk (focus on foreign trade) and office management clerk.

#Day 1: Arrival and Get together

After a welcoming speech by the Executive Board, personnel management and training team, the apprentices started an exciting first day. After a short break with a snack they teamed up in small groups and tried to figure out how to build a bridge out of 15 wooden sticks, which can carry a mobile phone. The trick: This challenge could only be handled through the cooperation of the entire team.

The lunch in the company canteen was followed by an infosession on all topics relating to the start of the apprenticeship and an IT training. Now we will celebrate the end of the day with the entire team at the traditional Herbstfest. Maybe we’ll meet there?

#Day 2: Training for the emergency case

After a convivial evening at the Rosenheim Herbstfest, the local beer festival, the second day of the welcome days continued with a first aid training at the Bavarian Red Cross. Our apprentices practiced how to make bandages, how to care for someone after an accident or even how to resuscitate. Even though it was a serious topic the whole group had a lot of fun.

#Day 3: All about your own personality

“What do you expect of Kathrein during your apprenticeship?” and “Which goals have you set for yourself?” The third day of our welcome week focused on the apprentices’ personalities and started with these questions.

Afterwards we continued with a comprehensive and informative safety briefing and enjoyed a delicious lunch in the cafeteria in bright sunshine.

In the afternoon, our vocational trainers had prepared a workshop. Topic: “Respectful interaction – bullying or fun – where are the limits?” A practical exercise showed:

  • how sensitive this topic is
  • how important it is to respect others’ feelings
  • the importance of appreciative and respectful cooperation

#Day 4: In the “Shark Tank”

This morning started with the workshop “Shark Tank”: our apprentices designed and invented new products like the “Cleanfly”, a cleaning drone. There were no limits to creativity! After presenting their innovative product ideas, they got to know the workers’ council and the JAV (apprentices’ council), who presented themselves and their responsibilities to our newcomers.

With the “Brain-Fit” program, Christina Kelle, our health manager, familiarized our first-year apprentices with methods to strengthen their concentration during a strenuous working day.

Following a well-deserved lunch break, our trainees learned to give and accept constructive feedback in an assessment workshop. At the end of the introductory week, the apprentices were given the opportunity to share their experiences and impressions in a final feedback session where they could review the past week together with their vocational trainers.

That’s what the new trainees said at the end of the introductory week:

“What I liked was the group work with other apprentices who are going to work in different professions and departments.” Johanna Eisgruber

“I liked that we had time to get to know each other during the introductory week.” Alexa Loitfelder