Apprenticeships Completed with Perfect Grades

Festive attire for a great day: Kathrein’s five industrial clerks who took their final exams this winter now received their certificates at Berufsschule II (vocational school) in Rosenheim. Not only did they complete their commercial apprenticeship, they also achieved very good results.

The school headmistress, Christiane Elgass, was particularly proud of the numerous candidates who received a “Staatspreis” (Bavarian state prize). Four of the 23 prize winners served their apprenticeship at Kathrein. Johanna Denkschmid, Melanie Hupfauer and Isabell Späth all achieved an average grade of 1.0 (the best possible grade), Simone Hermann finished her apprenticeship with an average of 1.12. Josef Zellner achieved an average of 2.1, a grade he can also be very proud of.

On the whole, all apprentices had performed very well. Jana Wiersch, commercial trainer, was particularly proud that her five mentees had developed so well and that they were now awarded prizes for their excellent results. Josef Huber, the deputy District Administrator, said in his speech at the award ceremony that the apprentices had shown very high quality during their dual education period. The politician wished them all the best for the future: “Never stand still and never stop following your dreams!”

Changes and new beginnings were also the topic of the humorous speech held by Father Rainer Maria Schießler, a well-known Roman Catholic priest. Now that the young people had their degree it was time for them to get going. In view of today’s “stormy times”, where you are swamped with bad news by the mass media and in view of the huge challenges of our times, he gave them the following piece of advice: “Never give up! Fear is not a good counsellor.” He said that the graduates had learned everything they needed to know: “You can be sure that you will get everything back that you contribute to society.”

Before collecting their certificates, each state prize winner was given a flower as a sign of recognition. They will be honored by Wolfgang Berthaler, the District Administrator, during another ceremony at Wasserburg’s town hall on 24 March.