In the Picture - Training at Kathrein

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. True to this well-known proverb, a team of Kathrein apprentices has taken on the task of presenting the various apprenticeships at Kathrein with photos. Elisabeth Steinegger, Anja Loferer, Melanie Hupfauer, Julian Lachner, and Christian Sylander put their heads together to find a way how to showcase the training as interesting and meaningful as possible.

It was important for the team to show apprentices from different professions in order to cover all areas optimally. The apprentices were supported by Maria Weber, Head of Training, Carina Bichler, Head of Graphics, and Kathrein photographer Michael Röglinger. The task was to find motifs which give a realistic and appealing representation of the training. The young minds were very creative and brought forth many ideas, which they then presented to the marketing team. The suggestions went down very well with the marketing people.

The project team met several times, chose locations for the pictures and took a series of test photos. The next step was for the team to work on appropriate lighting conditions, outfits and poses for the pictures. What, for example, is typical of the training as an industrial mechanic and what is typical for a product designer? Then they had to find apprentices who would volunteer as models. After that, it was time to actually take the photos.

The apprentices travelled with the models to the locations along with two colleagues from the marketing department (Michael Röglinger and Julia Wolf). The team put the finishing touches to the outfits and the styling so that the photos would come out perfectly. Over a period of several days, more than 3,000 photos were taken and evaluated. The results of the photo shooting were impressive. The pictures perfectly complemented the text in the new apprenticeship brochure. The photos will also be used at trade fairs and on the Internet and give a vivid impression of training at Kathrein.
The project team would like to thank all those who prepared their work places and made them available for the photo shooting. Thanks to everybody who took part in and supported the campaign.