Welcome to the Professional World: How the new Apprentices Experienced their First Week at Kathrein

KATHREIN-Werke KG in Rosenheim will be the workplace and site of action for 22 new apprentices during the next few years. On 1 September, CEO Anton Kathrein welcomed the new colleagues and gave them a short overview of the company’s business areas.

To give them some extra motivation, he told the apprentices a few stories from his own student days and encouraged them to always get to the bottom of things and show perseverance. Maria Weber, Head of Vocational Training, then introduced her team of instructors and trainers.

Some icebreaker games helped to keep up the relaxed atmosphere. The games were a good opportunity for the apprentices to get talking, also with those who train for other jobs. In next to no time, the apprentices had developed a good team spirit. After the lunch break, the new employees had to do a quiz with questions about their apprenticeship and the company, which they mastered superbly. It is already a tradition at Kathrein that the first day of apprenticeship is rounded off with a visit to the Herbstfest, the Rosenheim beer festival. There they met with the older apprentices and everybody could get to know each other. It didn’t take long for the newbies to be integrated into the group.

The next morning, the young professionals met again to receive important information concerning their work at Kathrein. The focus of the presentations that day was on occupational health and safety. To get a little foretaste of what project planning was like, the new apprentices could then plan an event for themselves in small groups. The following Monday, the apprentices met at the Red Cross station in Rosenheim for their basic course in first-aid for first aiders at work. This made them all well prepared for their start into their first working day in the departments or the training workshop.

The team of instructors and trainers wishes the apprentices all the best for a successful start into their professional lives.