Your Training Team

Can you overcome limits daily?

Kathrein can. Together with you as an apprentice!

Reliable, caring, responsible and authentic – this is just a selection of our corporate values, which are also deeply rooted in training and put into practice every day.

Day by day, we want to overcome limits together with you and make our innovative solutions a little better. The world is increasingly growing together. It is our mission to actively shape this connected world, to continue building it up, making it better and more powerful through innovation.

This is our daily task, which we want to address together with you, with great commitment and passion!

Janna Dautel
Commercial training

Sebastian Narrath

Peter Bachmann
Technical training mechanics

Hans-Martin Konnerth

Thomas Heilmann
Technical training mechanics

Florian Waldschütz
Technical training electronics

Bernd Friz
Technical training product design

Josef Stadler
Technical training electronics