Interesting Facts about Our Trainees

Special honor for 10 former KATHREIN trainees with the state award

Ten Kathrein Apprentices Receive State Prize

On 24 March 2017, Wasserburg’s historic town hall was the setting for the state prize ceremony of the Rosenheim district. The most successful graduates, this year 124 students, from all vocational schools in the district were honoured.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Gerhard Heindl, Headmaster of Wasserburg’s vocational school, welcomed the guests. He was very happy about the large number of award-winners from all professional apprenticeships in the district. All winners had earned their prizes by hard work and perseverance. In their speeches, Wolfgang Berthaler, Rosenheim’s District Administrator, and Michael Kölbl, Wasserburg’s First Mayor, were full of praise for the students and their excellent results.

Then the 124 graduates were honoured for their outstanding achievements. As a sign of recognition, they received a certificate signed by Brigitta Brunner, President of the Government of Upper Bavaria. In addition, Wolfgang Berthaler gave the winners a cash prize, donated by the Rosenheim district.

Kathrein’s state prize winners were: Johanna Denkschmid, Isabell Späth, Melanie Hupfauer, Steffen Hahn, Simon Neumüller, Christian Reichert, Veronika Rockinger, Franz Schex, Marianne Steinegger and Simon Winhart.




Final graduation of KATHREIN apprentice with high level grades

Apprenticeships Completed with Perfect Grades

Festive attire for a great day: Kathrein’s five industrial clerks who took their final exams this winter now received their certificates at Berufsschule II (vocational school) in Rosenheim. Not only did they complete their commercial apprenticeship, they also achieved very good results. The school headmistress, Christiane Elgass, was particularly proud of the numerous candidates who received a “Staatspreis” (Bavarian state prize). Four of the 23 prize winners served their apprenticeship at Kathrein. Johanna Denkschmid, Melanie Hupfauer and Isabell Späth all achieved an average grade of 1.0 (the best possible grade), Simone Hermann finished her apprenticeship with an average of 1.12. Josef Zellner achieved an average of 2.1, a grade he can also be very proud of.

On the whole, all apprentices had performed very well. Jana Wiersch, commercial trainer, was particularly proud that her five mentees had developed so well and that they were now awarded prizes for their excellent results. Josef Huber, the deputy District Administrator, said in his speech at the award ceremony that the apprentices had shown very high quality during their dual education period. The politician wished them all the best for the future: “Never stand still and never stop following your dreams!”

Changes and new beginnings were also the topic of the humorous speech held by Father Rainer Maria Schießler, a well-known Roman Catholic priest. Now that the young people had their degree it was time for them to get going. In view of today’s “stormy times”, where you are swamped with bad news by the mass media and in view of the huge challenges of our times, he gave them the following piece of advice: “Never give up! Fear is not a good counsellor.” He said that the graduates had learned everything they needed to know: “You can be sure that you will get everything back that you contribute to society.”

Before collecting their certificates, each state prize winner was given a flower as a sign of recognition. They will be honored by Wolfgang Berthaler, the District Administrator, during another ceremony at Wasserburg’s town hall on 24 March.




In the Picture - Training at Kathrein

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. True to this well-known proverb, a team of Kathrein apprentices has taken on the task of presenting the various apprenticeships at Kathrein with photos. Elisabeth Steinegger, Anja Loferer, Melanie Hupfauer, Julian Lachner, and Christian Sylander put their heads together to find a way how to showcase the training as interesting and meaningful as possible.

It was important for the team to show apprentices from different professions in order to cover all areas optimally. The apprentices were supported by Maria Weber, Head of Training, Carina Bichler, Head of Graphics, and Kathrein photographer Michael Röglinger. The task was to find motifs which give a realistic and appealing representation of the training. The young minds were very creative and brought forth many ideas, which they then presented to the marketing team. The suggestions went down very well with the marketing people.

The project team met several times, chose locations for the pictures and took a series of test photos. The next step was for the team to work on appropriate lighting conditions, outfits and poses for the pictures. What, for example, is typical of the training as an industrial mechanic and what is typical for a product designer? Then they had to find apprentices who would volunteer as models. After that, it was time to actually take the photos.

The apprentices travelled with the models to the locations along with two colleagues from the marketing department (Michael Röglinger and Julia Wolf). The team put the finishing touches to the outfits and the styling so that the photos would come out perfectly. Over a period of several days, more than 3,000 photos were taken and evaluated. The results of the photo shooting were impressive. The pictures perfectly complemented the text in the new apprenticeship brochure. The photos will also be used at trade fairs and on the Internet and give a vivid impression of training at Kathrein.
The project team would like to thank all those who prepared their work places and made them available for the photo shooting. Thanks to everybody who took part in and supported the campaign.

By Anja Loferer and Julian Lachner




KATHREIN-Werke KG christmas party in 2016

Apprentices' Christmas Party 2016

Wednesday, 14 December 2016: it’s the season. The time had come for the Kathrein apprentices’ Christmas celebration! Like every year, the Christmas party for the apprentices and instructors was organised by a team from the 2nd year. The organising team included: Lisa Gruber, Miriam Westermeier, Christian Steinegger, Ulrich Schex, and Hannes Kinninger.

Following a long tradition, the 1st year apprentices banded together as a choir to take care of the musical entertainment. The first few rehearsals already made it clear that their performance would be a great success. This left the organising team free to deal with the other points on the agenda.

A presentation about the year 2016 in review helped the 90 guests to get into the right mood for the evening. All in all, the event featured a varied and interesting programme and offered lots of good food and home-made cookies. For a couple of hours, everybody could get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine and enjoy the Christmas party to the full.

The fact that Anton Kathrein, Frank Ullmann, Joe Doering, and Markus Pflitsch attended, was a particular treat for the apprentices. Like in the year before, Frank Ullmann had prepared a little impromptu text for Alexander Tessner, who recited it with his usual serenity. This performance and some more put the audience into good humour and high spirits.

Among them was also the new instructor, Florian Waldschütz (electronics instructor). Santa Claus had composed some funny rhymes for him so that the apprentices would get to know Florian in a very enjoyable manner. Santa had also prepared something for the members of the executive board and the other instructors. In addition to that, the apprentices had collected some money to surprise the management with personal gifts.

To organise a party for 90 guests requires some courage and good coordination skills - everything must be taken care of. That was an exciting and responsible task for the organising team. They had aimed for a stress-free and smooth-running event. And it turned out that there was no need to be nervous. The party was a great success and everything ran smoothly. Looking back one can say that planning and managing the Christmas celebration was very good practice for the organising team and preparation for professional life.

Here is a summary by Jana Wiersch, a commercial instructor: Every year, the apprentices’ Christmas party is a very special event for everybody involved. The organising team had all hands full with planning and organising the programme, the decoration, the food, the music and many other things! Two commercial apprentices had the chance to help them hosting this year’s celebration. Lisa Gruber and Hannes Kinninger easily found the right words and mastered their job perfectly, in spite of a tiny little bit of stage fright.

My personal highlight every year is to join the choir practice. The joy and enthusiasm our apprentices show - starting with the selection of the songs (for example Jingle Bells, Hallelujah, The Sound of Silence) up to the final rehearsal and the performance at the party - demonstrate that they have a very strong team spirit and a lot of fun in their apprenticeship.




Reaping what you sow

Through the course of 2016, 19 of our trainees have successfully completed their apprenticeships. The certificate presentation took place on 4 November 2016.
Maria Weber, our training manager, welcomed all those present with a little speech and then gave the floor to Anton Kathrein. He praised us highly for our excellent work.
A report followed on the planning of current and future activities of the graduates.
Mr Kathrein and the respective instructors handed over the certificates, congratulated the young people and presented them with a small souvenir.
Some former trainees spoke about their training at Kathrein with the trainers and old colleagues from the past and showed photos from training.




Welcome to the Professional World: How the new Apprentices Experienced their First Week at Kathrein

KATHREIN-Werke KG in Rosenheim will be the workplace and site of action for 22 new apprentices during the next few years. On 1 September, CEO Anton Kathrein welcomed the new colleagues and gave them a short overview of the company’s business areas. To give them some extra motivation, he told the apprentices a few stories from his own student days and encouraged them to always get to the bottom of things and show perseverance. Maria Weber, Head of Vocational Training, then introduced her team of instructors and trainers.

Some icebreaker games helped to keep up the relaxed atmosphere. The games were a good opportunity for the apprentices to get talking, also with those who train for other jobs. In next to no time, the apprentices had developed a good team spirit. After the lunch break, the new employees had to do a quiz with questions about their apprenticeship and the company, which they mastered superbly. It is already a tradition at Kathrein that the first day of apprenticeship is rounded off with a visit to the Herbstfest, the Rosenheim beer festival. There they met with the older apprentices and everybody could get to know each other. It didn’t take long for the newbies to be integrated into the group.

The next morning, the young professionals met again to receive important information concerning their work at Kathrein. The focus of the presentations that day was on occupational health and safety. To get a little foretaste of what project planning was like, the new apprentices could then plan an event for themselves in small groups. The following Monday, the apprentices met at the Red Cross station in Rosenheim for their basic course in first-aid for first aiders at work. This made them all well prepared for their start into their first working day in the departments or the training workshop. 

The team of instructors and trainers wishes the apprentices all the best for a successful start into their professional lives. 




Group Photo of KATHREIN-Werke KG parents afternoon with the apprentices

An Afternoon for the new Apprentices and their Parents

Maria Weber, Head of Vocational Training and Further Education at Kathrein-Werke KG, and her team of instructors and trainers welcomed the new apprentices and their parents at a special afternoon meeting. On 1 September 2016, 22 young people will start their vocational training at Kathrein: four industrial clerks, two technical product designers, six electronics technicians for devices and systems, four industrial mechanics, an industrial mechanic doing the DBFH programme (combining vocational college and apprenticeship), and five students doing the combined degree programme (university of applied sciences and apprenticeship).

In a relaxed atmosphere, the instructors and trainers introduced themselves to the apprentices and their parents and answered all questions concerning the vocational training.
To help the new apprentices get acquainted with the working world, Lisa Gruber and Florian Berger, two 1st year apprentices, will welcome them at Kathrein and assist the new apprentice industrial clerks during their first weeks of training. This mentor programme has proved to be successful over the last few years.

Some icebreaker games with Maria Weber helped the apprentices to get to know each other so that they won’t be complete strangers when their apprenticeship starts. Another point on the agenda was the schedule for the first week.
Then the parents had the opportunity to get a tour of the company.

Note: there is still a vacancy for an industrial mechanic (DBFH) apprenticeship for 2016.




Kathreins apprentices playing soccer

Kathrein Apprentices at the Soccer Tournament 2016

Like every year, the annual soccer tournament between the apprentices of local companies was held in and around Rosenheim. This year, Krones AG organised and invited to the sports event. On 10 June, at 12 o’clock sharp, our apprentices kicked off against the competing teams at the SV Westerndorf sports park in perfect weather.In the preliminary round, the Kathrein apprentices delivered an outstanding performance with fantastic individual actions and a great goalkeeper. During the tournament, however, the heat became unbearable, which had an effect on the strength and motivation of the players.

In the semi-final against the VR-Bank, our apprentices could not prevail and lost the match. Since the preliminary against the Alpma team had ended without a goal and Alpma then turned out the stronger team, Kathrein could not make third place. In the end, the Kathrein team made a good fourth place.

Maria Weber, Head of Vocational Training and Further Education at Kathrein, said that this tournament was again a great event with a lot of fun and team spirit. At this point, we would like to congratulate the winning Gabor team and to thank Krones AG for organising the tournament.




Working step presentation at KATHREIN

21 girls signed up for Kathrein’s technology taster day

Technology is a male domain. Says who? “More and more girls are interested in technical professions”, says Maria Weber, Head of Vocational Training and Further Education at Kathrein. On Girls’Day 2016, Kathrein welcomed 21 girls to the training workshop to learn about the different options in technical professions.

The Girls’Day was first introduced in 2001. Until now, some 1.5 million girls in Germany have participated. The day is initiated and supported by federal ministries, trade unions and employers’ associations. “When we get job applica-tions from women, they often mention that they participated in a Girls’Day”, states Maria Weber. The nationwide open day helps girls to get an insight into technical and scientific jobs, research and IT and become more self-confident in these areas.

Milling, lathing, filing, planing, soldering and reading wiring diagrams: all this was part of the hands-on experience at Kathrein in Rosenheim. In addition, some of the first and second year apprentices explained what their professional life was like. The future electronics technicians for devices and systems pointed out what was important for their training and how their apprenticeship alternated between on-the-job training and technical college.

After all the preliminary work and explanations, the girls got step-by-step instructions to build battery-operated, flash-ing, electronic dice. The feedback from the girls was definitely positive. They left comments like: “interesting, relaxed, a lot to see” and “the apprentices are really cool”. It remains to be seen whether the Girls’Day made such an impres-sion on them that they will eventually apply for a technical education at Kathrein.




Kathrein informs pupils about vocational training

What can I do after my final exams? This was the central question at the info night for pupils about to graduate from secondary school and start their professional lives. On 19 January 2016, the young people could attend a job fair organised at the Johann-Rieder-Realschule to get information about different job possibilities.

Various local companies had set up stands in the school gym to inform about the job training they offer. Of course, Kathrein was one of them. The pupils could get a good first impression of the company and ask about issues in which they were interested. Jana Wiersch, commercial instructor at Kathrein, was accompanied by several apprentices, who answered the questions brought forward by the pupils. On the photograph from right to left: Jana Wiersch, David Gaida (apprentice industrial mechanic), Josef Zellner (apprentice industrial clerk), Julian Lachner (ap-prentice electronic technician for systems and devices).

The apprentices had brought some work examples from the industrial mechanics department, e.g. a forklift truck, to give an insight into the practical part of the apprenticeships. Pupils inter-ested in an apprenticeship in electronics could have a go at soldering an electronic cube. There was widespread interest in the various job training, with the girls tending rather towards the commercial professions. A focus of interest was also in the possibilities of dual studies after technical college and in internships. The school had organised everything very well for the even-ing. Refreshments were also offered.




Group photo of 25 apprentices with their KATHREIN certificates

25 Kathrein Apprentices Receive Their Final Certificates

Like every year, apprentices who finished their apprenticeships during 2015, were awarded their final certificates in a ceremony.

Maria Weber, head of apprentice management, opened the ceremony with a short speech. Anton Kathrein and Norbert Schindler then talked about the excellent collaboration with the apprentices and praised the outstanding results they had achieved during their apprenticeships.

After the management speeches, the respective instructors called up the graduates to the front one by one. They presented each graduate with a final certificate, an employment reference letter and a little gift. Anton Kathrein, Norbert Schindler and the instructors congratulated the graduates on the successful completion of their apprenticeships.

At the end of the celebration, some of the graduates talked about the experiences they had had during their time at Kathrein.

The guests at the ceremony all enjoyed the small buffet that rounded off the event and used the opportunity to chat about their plans for the future and to compare notes about their apprenticeships.




The 2015 Apprentices' Christmas Party

Like every year, a group of 2nd year apprentices organised the annual Christmas party for the apprentices and instructors. This year’s organising team included Johanna Denkschmid, Simone Hermann, Melanie Hupfauer, Jonas Bergmeister, Peter Hellthaler and Christian Syländer.

We have a long tradition that the 1st year apprentices may prove their talents in a mixed choir - and they did. Weeks before the party, the newbies had met regularly to learn and rehearse Christmas carols. It was nice for them to meet apprentices from other departments on these occasions. They used the short breaks to talk about the experiences they had had during their first months at Kathrein. In the beginning, not everyone was too pleased that choir practice was compulsory, but it turned out to be a lot of fun and the choir was proud of big rounds of applause from the audience.

The songs we heard helped to spread the Christmas cheer a lot, even though some of the lyrics that were about snow and the pleasure it brings did not quite fit the weather outside. This did not spoil the party for the 80 guests at all. The programme was well organised, interesting, full of fun and there was plenty of good food, homemade biscuits and hot Christmas fruit punch.

The apprentices were particularly happy that Anton Kathrein, Frank Ullmann and Alexander Tessner took their time to come to the Christmas party. Frank Ullmann had even brought a very amusing German-English poem, which Alexander Tessner read out. This little interlude further livened up the atmosphere.

This year some new instructors were at the party for the first time. Santa Claus was also there and had prepared some humorous rhymes for Jana Wiersch (commercial instructor), Thomas Heilmann (mechanics instructor) and Sebastian Narrath (IT systems integration instructor) so that the apprentices would get to know them in a very enjoyable manner. Of course, Santa Claus had also prepared some rhymes for the VIPs and the other instructors and gave them all a piece of his mind.

After the official end, the convivial evening was continued with an informal get-together in Rosenheim´s city centre.

Unanimous assent of the apprentices and guests: this year’s Christmas party was a complete success!




28 Trainees and 8 Students start their Careers and Studies at Kathrein

From the classroom to the job: On 01 September 2015, 28 young people from the area started their job training at KATHREIN-Werke KG in Rosenheim. This year there were vacancies for every apprenticed trade that the company offers. Kathrein will train four industrial clerks, a marketing and communication assistant, an IT application specialist, an IT system integration specialist, two technical product designers, six electronics technicians, eleven industrial mechanics, and two surface coating specialists. In addition, eight students started courses in the fields of mechatronics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology, industrial engineering, and business administration.

The first week´s schedule at the company was full of interesting activities. Norbert Schindler (CFO) and Maria Weber (head of Education and Training) welcomed the newcomers together with the respective instructors (Jana Wiersch, Peter Bachmann, Thomas Heilmann, Karl Huber, and Josef Berger) and the mentors for the commercial trainees. Mentorship for the commercial trainees was newly introduced at Kathrein this year. Next point on the agenda was getting to know each other in the form of workshops and games. After a guided tour of Plant 1, everybody was looking forward to the highlight of the first day – a visit to the Herbstfest. The relaxed atmosphere provided plenty of time to get to know some senior and former trainees and the instructors.

The following morning, the trainees met at the Red Cross station in Rosenheim to do their basic first aid course for first aiders at work. At the same time, the students attended workshops and developed interesting concepts for time and project management.
The third day started with even more teambuilding activities. In the meeting following, the new trainees were briefed about employment at Kathrein. There was a safety-at-work presentation and an introduction of the Young Employees and Trainees Representatives (JAV) and the Works Council. Then the trainees had the chance to prove their creativity in the flying-egg contest: design and build a structure that would prevent a raw egg from breaking from a high drop.
On Friday, the technical trainees set off for their training workshop, and the commercial trainees went on a tour of the different plants and departments. The students attended workshops where they could gain valuable experience for their studies.

The Education and Training team is very happy that the new trainees and students are so highly motivated and enthusiastic and they hope that job training in 2016 will get off to an equally good start.




Visitors from Noerdlingen at KATHREIN-Werke KG

A Visit from Nördlingen

On Wednesday 27 May 2015, the trainees from KATHREIN-Mobilcom Nördlingen, a subsidiary Kathrein Company, and their instructors Barbara Linse and Thomas Kroll came for a visit.

After visiting the indoor climbing centre at Rosenheim Aicherpark and a very good meal in the canteen of Plant I, our guests were personally welcomed by Anton Kathrein. This was followed by a presentation on the development of the KATHREIN-Werke KG by Mr. Thunig, head of personnel marketing at Kathrein. Then Ms. Weber, head of vocational and advanced training at Kathrein, talked about the various vocational training and some of the corporate activities, including the trainees' soccer tournament, the summer festivals and the possibilities of taking part in the vocational training abroad.

Finally, our visitors had an informative guided tour around the trainees' workshop and the production hall in Plant III.
It was very interesting to get to know the trainees from KATHREIN-Mobilcom Nördlingen and to learn what we have in common and what the differences are between our training and their training.



Group photo at the job-fit fair 2015 at the KATHREIN-Werke stand

"JobFit 2015": the Job-Fit Fair 2015 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

This year once again the KATHREIN-Werke KG presented itself at the IHK recruitment and career fair "JobFit" in the Rosenheim Cultural and Congress Centre.

In the morning a large number of young people visited the Kathrein stand to learn about the various vocational training and careers offered by KATHREIN-Werke KG. The instructors and trainees present were open to questions from those interested in the topic "Vocational Training at Kathrein".

The focus of interest was on questions like "What jobs does Kathrein offer training for?" or "Which activities are part of the job training?"

A lot of the fairgoers interested in the Kathrein stand used the opportunity of soldering an electronic cube – seven lights displaying a random number on the push of a button – and could thus gain insight into the technical apprenticeships at Kathrein.

To sum up, Kathrein's successful presence at the "JobFit 2015" offered a wealth of information about the company.



KATEK young apprentices visit the KATHREIN-Werke KG

Katek apprentices visit Kathrein

The invitation for 30 Katek apprentices to visit the Rosenheim premises of the parent company Kathrein on 27th October 2014 was a great success for both parties. As well as allowing the young employees to get to know each other, the visit focussed on a deeper insight into the individual areas at Kathrein.

After a welcome by Vanessa Hochrein, Education and Training Manager at KATHREIN-Werke KG and a brief presentation about the company, the group of around 30 apprentices were given an impression of the production on site. The entry into the practical world at Kathrein was conducted by Peter Bachmann and Karl Huber, responsible for mechanical and electronic training, who provided an informative introduction to Works 3. The high point of the morning was the presentation by Mr Thomas Riedl of the K-Bow, a new future-oriented product for use in the field of data exchange within buildings.
The Katek and Kathrein apprentices were then invited to a relaxed lunch together in the canteen. Over a meal of sausage and pretzels, the apprentices and their tutors were able to exchange and discuss ideas, experiences and plans for current topics of interest.
At the start of the afternoon, the Katek JAV (young persons and apprentices association) for their part made a presentation about the subsidiary, and the training they were receiving there.
The absolute highlight of the day was to be welcomed by Anton Kathrein to Works I. He was impressed at the interest shown by the young employees, and took great pleasure in welcoming them to Rosenheim for their visit. Michael Leitner then showed the Katek apprentices the galvanising shop, and introduced them to the SAT product range. Here Mr Peter Weber gave important product and production information about what we call the "Alm" in Works I. The successful day closed with a short discussion and a brief overview of possible future links between Kathrein and its partner company.
We would like to acknowledge with thanks all those who helped make the day a success. The JAV of Katek, which had made the initial proposal for this visit, the JV of Kathrein, which helped greatly throughout the day and with the preparations for it. We would like to thank Thomas Riedl, Peter Weber and Michael Leitner as well as the training managers Josef Romberger and Vanessa Hochrein for a wonderful day, and Anton Kathrein for his warm and personal welcome.



Starting their apprenticeship at KATHREIN-Werke KG

22 youths start their new careers at Kathrein

From the classroom to the job: On 1st Septmeber2014, another 22 young people from the region started their training at the KATHREIN-Werke KG in Rosenheim. This year there are six electronics technicians, five industrial clerks, two technical product designers as well as nine industrial mechanics.

The first week’s program was full and varied. The newcomers were welcomed by Norbert Schindler, Member of the Board of Executives and Vanessa Hochrein, Director of Education and Training along with the training team. Afterwards there was time to get to know each other and also their workshops.
The highlight of the first day was a visit to the Herbstfest in the evening. The Herbstfest offered the perfect opportunity for the trainees in their second and third years, and some "old timers” to get to know the instructors in more detail.

The next morning the trainees met with the Red Cross in Rosenheim for the first of a two day first-aid course for first aiders within the company. After the course, the young trainees were given a presentation and important information about working for the company. The focus here was on safety at work and the presentation of the youth delegation (JAV) and the works council. When their staff ID cards had been issued they could then officially log in to their respective workshops and training departments and start on Friday.

The training team is pleased to have motivated and enthusiastic trainees once again and is also hoping for good candidates for next year’s training in 2015.From next year in addition to the dual system training, Kathrein will be providing mechanical engineering courses in cooperation with the College of Rosenheim. More technical and economic studies in the dual system are planned.



Kathrein apprenticeship summer party in 2014

Summer Festival 2014

On Friday 18th July 2014, the Kathrein trainee’s summer festival took place on the meadow behind the workshop. The Festival was started by the youth and apprentice foundation (JAV). The "Jamarock" band provided the live musical entertainment with Daniela Inninger as their lead singer, who herself is a former trainee of KATHREIN-Werke KG.

Herr Kathrein was invited as our guest of honour, and he turned up wearing lederhosen and a T Shirt with the JAV slogan on it. He had been presented with this at the annual works meeting by the JAV team.
We were also very pleased to welcome the following people to the summer festival:
All the instructors, Herr Boddeutsch, and Frau Cvijic of the Works Council, Herr Schindler from the Executive Board, Herr Tessner (Head of Human Resources), Herr Kamlah (Personal development manager) and Frau. Haney (Head of education and training.

During the course of the summer festival, two high points came to note:

The Kathrein trainee’s football team brought the victory home on the 4th July and the National football team brought the victory home on the 13th of July.
As a special surprise Herr Kathrein presented Football jerseys in the company colours to the winning Kathrein trainee football team. We are already looking forward to next year’s big win.

Barbecuing needs to be learned. Mr Boddeutsch took his hand and was the grill master, and broke in the new barbecue. Along with Frau Cvijic they both managed to supply the whole team.JAV were particularly pleased with the great cooperation between employees from the warehouse, the locksmiths and the carpenters, who actively supported the trainees in the development of the event.

Our biggest thanks go of course to Herr Kathrein, who through moral and financial support has allowed the summer festival to take place.

Thank you very much for listening to us and for your support,

Your trainees



Creating a video clip with the trainee from KATHREIN-Werke KG
Last directors talk before the shooting. Left: Raphael Pfeilstetter

M+E films at Kathrein

It was an exciting day for Raphael Pfeilstetter: he was interviewed on camera for the junior campaign for job information at M+E: "Berufsinformationen der M+E-Industrie ". The fledgling electronics technician (systems and devices) had learned a few days earlier that he was being allowed to report his experiences during the training which he had at end of July.

This truck is the central medium of the nationwide youth campaign of the employers’ associations of the metal and electronics industries which are known as “M+E-InfoMobile”. This large double decker information truck offers a wide range of media to students and pupils to inspire them to train within the M+E industries.

With this trucks visit comes newly acquired video concept which wants to pick up young people about to make their way into the world. In a street survey, Jessica Lange (as the presenter) asked young people about things that are important to them in life. Subsequently, the presenter leads on to three M + E-companies. Kathrein is one of these companies.

Young workers are briefly portrayed in these clips. They explain the important conditions for them, as offered by the company, such as earning, opportunities for advancement, or the good balance of work, family and leisure.
"In this way interested young people are shown how attractive a training in the M + E-industry is," said Sarah Breidenbach whilst filming at Kathrein Plant III in Rosenheim.. She is the online editor for campaign "Professions & Fields" (“Berufe & Branchen”), of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (Institute of German Business).

Raphael Pfeilstetter, who is currently works in the antenna development section as a freshly-trained electronics technician for devices and systems, didn’t need long to think about it:
"It’s great fun to go out troubleshooting on our antennas and finding out the best solutions as a part of the team. It's great to develop new ideas and help to advance the technology."
He was filmed at several locations at Plant III: filter production, in the workshop, and above the rooftops of Rosenheim, and on the antenna platform of Plant III.

"I like to work as part of such a young team, and we can always chat and swap ideas. The working atmosphere is super", said Raphael Pfeilstetter very convincingly.

Sarah Breidenbach will be showing these posts in the Info-Trucks from the beginning of October 2014.



KATHREIN-Werke KG apprenticeship soccer tournament winner in 2014

Apprentices Football Championship 2014

This year's trainee football tournament was hosted by the trainees of the firm Marc O ' Polo at the sports grounds of SV Westerndorf. (SV=Sports Club)

This was the sixth time that trainees from eleven regional training establishments took competitive part in the tournament, and they included the trainees from the
Already at the group stage the Kathrein trainees prevailed over the teams from the city of Rosenheim’s firms of Multitest, Steelcase, Schattdecor, and Gabor. They were first in the group and made it to the semi-finals.

There, too, they won on penalties and eventually reached the final, where they could prevail against the Rosenheim car company Auto Eder.

Thus Kathrein emerged for the second time, since 2012, as winners of the apprentice football tournament. This achievement was celebrated at the trainee’s summer festival along with Anton Kathrein, who presented the winning team with Kathrein jerseys.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our trainees and look forward to the third star.