Your Smart Chance – the Dual Study Programme at Kathrein

Combine theory from your studies with plenty of practice – and many career opportunities. Our dual study programme opens up countless professional options after you complete high school. We offer the following combined degree and vocational programme:

For high school graduates who wish to combine an academic degree with an apprenticeship

Clever school-leavers with tertiary admittance who wish to combine an academic degree with a solid, practical apprenticeship can complete our combined degree and vocational programme in 4½ years.

Parallel to your university studies, we train you in our high-tech training workshops and in various departments. During the university phase, you can concentrate fully on your studies since you are financially supported throughout the entire training and study phase by the training remuneration or a scholarship.

The combined degree and vocational programme starts with the apprenticeship phase (incl. vocational school) on 01 September. After 13 months and part 1 of the final apprenticeship examination, the degree phase at the University of Applied Sciences starts on 01 October. During the lecture periods, you will be a full-time student. In the lecture-free periods, you will undertake the practical training phase at Kathrein. During your internship semester, you will take part 2 of the final examination for industrial mechanic or electronics technician for devices and systems at the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK). This is the completion of your apprenticeship. In the following lecture-free periods, you will work in our engineering departments where you will also write your bachelor’s thesis. The duration of the combined degree and vocational programme is 4½ years.

Apply now for your IHK certificate & Bachelor of Engineering!

We’d like our applicants for the combined degree and vocational programme to possess the following:

  • School-leaving certificate with tertiary admittance with a grade of at least "good"
  • Good to very good performance in the subjects relevant to your branch of study
  • Interest in complex technical relations
  • Excellent ability to think spatially
  • Very high level of motivation and self-reliant work style
  • Enjoyment of working in teams and good communication skills
  • Willingness to acquire new skills and drive innovations
  • Good written and spoken English
  • Basic MS-Office skills

We are also offering internships so that you can see what the apprentices in this job do.

You will find further information here:

Please contact us with your questions about the dual study program by e-mail or simply use our online application form.