Get Your Trial Internship Started with a Good Application

It's great that you are interested in a trial internship, apprenticeship or dual study programme at Kathrein.

It’s important to us that the new Kathrein generation shares our passion for technology. To discover whether we are a good match, we’re interested in your letter of application, your certificates and references and other documents which provide information on your personal abilities or your social commitment or volunteer work, for example. We’ll have a talk and become acquainted in person. We’ll then know more about you such as your ability to work in a team, motivation, sense of responsibility and diligence.

Our application tips
Make an impression right from the very first moment of contact! A good online application is like a person’s business card: it lets us form an impression of you. And it opens the door to an interview. For this reason we have put together a few application tips for you:

Apply online? Or by post or email instead?
Please use our online application form. We will then be able to process your message as quickly as possible. The online form guides you through all the relevant questions in about half an hour. And it provides you with the practical option of attaching a letter of application, CV, certificates and references, portfolios and other documents as PDF files. We will of course treat your data confidentially!

How do I structure my letter of application?
Summarize your most current pertinent qualifications / abilities on a single A4 page if possible. Tell us what you are capable of and why you are capable of it. The idea? Make us want to know more! And – please specify two possible dates when you could begin your week-long trial internship!

For example, you can use the following questions for orientation:

  • Which position are you applying for (position + specification of site)?
  • What relevant experience have you already gained?
  • What distinguishes you as a person?
  • What is it about a trial internship with us that appeals to you?
  • What school-related interests or special qualities set you apart from the rest?
  • Where did you find out about the training?
  • Have you already gained any experience through holiday jobs or internships?

Writing really isn’t my cup of tea!
When you finish writing, pretend that you are the reader: Would you invite you to take part in a trial internship? Is your application formulated in an appealing and positive way? Have you used short sentences? This makes for a style which is dynamic and easy to understand! Finally, check that this statement applies: It is easy to understand what position you are applying for, what experience you have and what skills you can contribute. Use a spell-checker to spot any spelling and grammar mistakes.

What should my CV look like?
Your CV provides us with an initial overview of your school-related milestones and possibly even your first career milestones as well as your skills. We’d be happy to learn something about your hobbies and interests: this will give us a somewhat more personal impression of you.
There should be no gaps in your history. We request a CV in point form – bullets are sufficient. This way we can find what we need in your document fast. Specify your most recent reference first and the oldest one last. When applying for a training position, be sure to specify part-time jobs and / or holiday jobs as well!

Should I upload my school report cards?
Yes, please send us your most recent school report cards. If you have any relevant references from holiday jobs or part-time jobs for students, please upload them as well.

We will definitely be in touch with you as soon as we have processed your application and will confirm whether the dates you requested for your trial internship are doable! We wish you the best of luck!