The Kathrein Executive Board (from left to right): Frank Ullmann, Joe Doering and Anton Kathrein.

Our Management

The Kathrein Group is led by an experienced and competent team: Two adept experts stand shoulder to shoulder with the company’s Managing Director, Anton Kathrein: Frank Ullmann and Joe Doering. With an eye on high-level market dynamics, constantly changing customer requirements and formidable challenges as a result of technological change, management set the course of the company. The top objective is to be a pioneer and set the pace in the field of communication technology.

Managing Partner

Following his studies of electrical engineering at Karlsruhe University, Anton Kathrein (right) joined the company as an engineer on 1 September 2012. But a few weeks later, after the unexpected death of his father, Prof. Anton Kathrein, he took on entrepreneurial responsibility for KATHREIN-Werke KG and the Kathrein Group. As Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner Anton Kathrein leads the family business with discretion, consideration and sense for the employees into the future. He maintains the strengths of the company, which are steeped in tradition: Innovative strength, perseverance, independence and a keen sense of responsibility.

Operations & IMS

Frank Ullmann (left) began his professional career with training as a banker and then studied Business Administration. First as a consultant and later with several companies, he led various projects whose focus included workflow and structural organisation, optimisation of the value chain and realignment of sales/distribution structures. In 2002 he joined KATHREIN-Werke KG, and has held the position of Chief Operating Officer in Kathrein’s management since 2012.

Sales & Marketing

Following an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, Joe Doering (2nd from the left) studied Industrial Engineering at the Technical University in Berlin and Marketing, International Management and Finance at the University of California. He worked more than ten years in various positions of responsibility at Siemens AG, including Head of Strategy at Siemens Communications as well as Head of Central Sales at the Siemens land-line unit ICN. In 2007 Joe Doering transferred to Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), where he expanded business in regional markets. Prior to joining Kathrein as Chief Markets Officer, he was on the board of directors at Swisslog AG, and was responsible for the division Warehouse & Distribution Solutions.