The road to 5G will be a migration process
  • The migration process of 2G, 3G and 4G will have started
  • In many countries, 3G and/or 2G will have been switched off
Old and new technologies will be combined to hybrid networks
  • The network will have become more hybrid
  • The convergence of older network infrastructures with new technologies such as 5G will have started
Regional needs will influence regional networks
  • Regional needs and opportunities will be the major drivers of network changes
Small cells will prepare well for the migration to 5G
  • Transport and backhaul networks will have been improved
  • Network Service Providers will have invested in the densification of small cell infrastructure to be prepared for 5G
3D coverage will connect airspace and ground
  • Dense network coverage will have moved into the 3rd dimension
  • There will be connectivity for inflight communication and BLOS control of drones
Cloud computing will partly move to the edge
  • The cloud will be the host for functionality and intelligence
  • Edge computing will ensure performance of time critical systems