Successful Together

Our history dating back to 1919 solidly links us to the region of south-east of Munich and the people in it. Many of our employees identify with Kathrein; some of them have been with us for decades. They keep our network alive, refine our ideas to perfection and achieve outstanding quality.

We promote employee satisfaction

We appreciate the people in our company and it is our aim to maintain fair partnerships with them which last for years and years. The well-being and satisfaction of our employees is just as important to us as their commitment and performance. People who work at Kathrein benefit from a responsible employer.

We care greatly about the balance of family and career. Kathrein is characterised by a family-friendly corporate culture. We strive to harmonise the different areas of life in order to maintain and increase our employees’ performance and motivation.

Because it is essential to us that our teams always have the most up-to-date knowledge, we support them with professional staff development which offers excellent further education and training programmes. Despite the growing challenges of global competition, we keep overtime to an absolute minimum.

High potentials should be able to find their way to our company as easily as possible: in order to inspire good minds for Kathrein, every year we provide programmes for trainees and give them know-how which is valuable for their future course in life. To leverage further potential, we maintain partnerships of many years’ standing with technical colleges and universities. Dual study programmes, employment for student trainees and internships for high-school students make for an appealing start to a career at Kathrein.

We take care of our employees' health

Our own occupational safety section works closely within the guidelines of the government department of the same name. Whether it concerns improving workplace ergonomics or stress-reducing strategies – we offer our staff advice and practical support in connection with health issues and cares both large and small with KIM (“Kathrein in Motion”). KIM also offers a wide range of diversions. The programme combines health and leisure-time fun and incidentally counterbalances work. For example, health-related workshops, running events, fruit days, spinal mobility courses and the Kathrein Ski Cup are offered.

We support the exchange with other companies

At Kathrein we look outside the box: The Innovation Creativity Alliance Rosenheim is a joint initiative of Kathrein, Schattdecor and Marc O’Polo. The three companies use this initiative to enhance the exchange of creativity and share resources for strengthening their innovative capacities and future viability at the Rosenheim business location. Our employees can develop professionally and personally: Enterprise-wide offerings such as language and sport courses, as well as lectures and workshops are open to them. Another focus is on sharing experiences and transferring knowledge between the various departments. “We are very pleased to be part of the Innovation Creativity Alliance Rosenheim and to contribute to making Rosenheim an even more attractive business location. Both our current and our future employees benefit from the company exchange,” said Anton Kathrein, CEO of the Kathrein Group.

We honour our senior employees

At Kathrein we are proud to honour every year employees who have served the company for 10, 25 or even 40 years. In doing so, we recognise their many years of loyal service to the company. On the one hand, this is evidence of stable, personal bonds. On the other, Kathrein profits optimally from its senior employees. They guarantee competence which has grown from our own ranks.