Guidelines Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy is characterised by the following key statements:

  • In all our decisions we observe our responsibility for the environment, which also extends beyond applicable provisions, and always implement measures to improve environmental protection.
  • We motivate all employees to behave in an environmentally aware manner, inside and outside the company.
  • We are open to discussion with our business partners and employees concerning any environmental issue.
  • We handle materials and energy with responsibility and care, and for the development of new products undertake to use materials to a large extent which can be recycled after their term of use. This applies in particular to electronic components and the packaging of our products.
  • We want to keep levels of air and water pollution as well as noise generation and waste material in our production processes as low as possible.
  • We also want to use our environmental protection activities for marketing purposes as well as for realising potential areas of cost reduction.