Kathrein Hosts Future Day for Girls

Minister of Economic Affairs Ilse Aigner, Girls' Day

On the occasion of the national "Girls Day", 28 female pupils were given the opportunity to get to know all about training for technical professions at Kathrein. As in previous years, the girls had ample opportunity to try out the handling of tools and machines under expert supervision. A special attraction for the participants was a visit by the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner (CSU).

The pupils from the fifth grade onwards were initially informed about the company itself and training at Kathrein. The training supervisors Margarethe Köstner (electronic technician for devices and systems), Veronika Rockinger and Marianne Steinegger (both industrial mechanics) explained to the participants about their own professions. They explained the numerous benefits of selecting technical training – outstanding chances in the employment market, several further training options and a variety of professional starts. Following the introduction and answering a round of questions, the girls were allowed to practically construct a workpiece with the help of the training supervisors. This gave them a good chance to try out soldering and the equipping of PCBs. In the mechanical area the girls were allowed to drill and mill and also machine mechanical components.

A profession still dominated by males

"For us it's really important to gain the enthusiasm of young girls for technical professions," emphasised Stefan Esterlechner, Head of Training and Further Training at Kathrein. In the face of a lack of technical experts, it is highly important to win over an increasing number of women for technical sectors, and as in many other companies, this profession is dominated by men at Kathrein. Around one third of employees at the world's largest antenna producer are female with approximately two thirds being male. This ratio is even lower with trainees at KATHREIN-Werke KG: From the current 56 apprentices in the technical professions only nine are young ladies.

"Contradicting traditional role models"

The federal government is also aware of the importance of making girls familiar with technical professions. The Minister of Economic Affairs Ilse Aigner during her visit to Rosenheim encouraged the female pupils to plunge into unknown territories: "We need ever more experts in the technical professions, and us women are ideally suited to this. We just have to have the confidence to contradict the traditional role models," said the government minister. As a state-certified electrical technician, the CSU politician speaks from personal experience.

On the occasion of Girls Day, companies and universities across Germany open their doors to female pupils from the fifth grade. The girls mainly have the opportunity to get to know the technical training professions and courses of studies where women until now are less represented. The company of Kathrein has been taking part in the campaign day for several years now in order to gain technically enthusiastic girls as up-and-coming professionals.



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