Kathrein Hosts Local “Jugend forscht” Competition

Kathrein is the new partner of the “Jugend forscht e.V.” foundation. The company will host the local competition for the Rosenheim area at the beginning of March 2017. The University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim supports the project as a cooperating partner. “Jugend forscht” is the biggest youth science and technology competition in Europe. Henri Nannen, the former editor-in-chief of the Stern magazine, established it in 1965. The individual local and regional competitions are hosted by sponsoring companies.

The 52nd round of “Jugend forscht” started at the beginning of July under the motto “Zukunft – ich gestalte sie!” (The future - I am shaping it!)  The local competition in 2017 will be the first to be held in the Rosenheim area. It includes the city and district of Rosenheim, as well as neighbouring districts.

Dr. Monika Christl, responsible for the “Jugend forscht” competitions in Bavaria, explains, “In the southeast of Bavaria, there is a particularly large number of schools where “Jugend forscht” projects are supported by dedicated tutors. We get a lot of participants from this area and have therefore decided to set up an extra competition there.”  Christl adds that they asked Kathrein to host the event because the innovative company and the “Jugend forscht” concept fit together perfectly. “Kathrein is a technology leader and represents the same spirit of research that distinguishes our young participants.”

The promotion of sciences is an important issue for Kathrein

For Anton Kathrein, CEO of the Kathrein Group, it was clear from the beginning that they would be open to the “Jugend forscht” inquiry. “It has been our concern for many years to get pupils and students interested in natural sciences, technology and IT. As the new partner of the renowned “Jugend forscht” competition, we are very proud to inspire young people,” Kathrein says. He is looking forward to seeing the projects at the competition and discussing them personally with the participants.

Head of the new competition will be Dr. Thomas Grillenbeck, maths and physics teacher at the Ignaz-Günther-Gymnasium in Rosenheim. “It’s a great pleasure to promote young talents and I am always happy to see how much fun the young people have with sciences,” he explains about his commitment for “Jugend forscht”. It is important for the economy and for research to get the young people interested in sciences at an early age and to spark the kids’ natural curiosity.

Presentation of the projects at the University of Applied Sciences

The two-day competition with the presentation of the projects is planned to take place in calender week 10 in 2017, at the University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim. The university will also support the jury in several of the seven subject groups. Prof. Heinrich Köster, President of the University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim says, “It is very important to get young people enthusiastic about MINT subjects to provide future work force for these specialist fields.” MINT stands for Maths, IT, Natural sciences and Technology. This is where the collaboration between Kathrein and the university in this new local competition of “Jugend forscht” takes up.