Kathrein Introduces New Remote PHY

Kathrein, a leading international specialist for communication technologies, presents its new Remote PHY at the ANGA COM in Cologne, proving again its competence in the further development of HFC networks in the field of Distributed Access Architectures (DAA). The device is conform with all relevant Remote PHY standards, fully DOCSIS 3.1 compatible and offers the highest flexibility with up to two forward and two return segments.

The system supports different combinations of QAM and OFDM channels. Up to five OFDM channels can be operated at 192 MHz with 4096 QAM on each forward segment. On each return path, up to two OFDMA channels at 96 MHz with 1024 QAM are possible.

The DAA concept involves the digitisation of the optical network section. The Remote PHY offers an out-of-band transmission to continue to enable the transmission of analogue services such as VHF, HMS monitoring or control signals for set-top boxes.

I/Q packages that are delivered by the CCAP core for that purpose are reconverted into analogue output signals and fed into the next coaxial network. This is how to take full advantage of digital transmission in DOCSIS.3.1 and at the same time maintain analogue services.



Download as pdf ( June 2016 | en )