UFS 924 Wins in the Category "HDTV Receivers"

UFS 924, siegt, Kategorie "HDTV-Receiver"

“video”test director Roland Seibt (right) congratulates Kathrein’s SAT product manager Michael Auer (left) on the UFS 924 first place in the category of “HDTV receivers”. Image: L. Barth

25,245 readers and online users of the publications "AUDIO", "stereoplay" and "video" chose the device of the year for 2014 in the field of consumer electronics. The results were celebrated in Munich in early March.

From AV receivers to speakers, sound bars and ultra-HD TVs, there were a total of 90 categories to choose from in the traditional readers' choice, 21 of which fell under the test category of "video".

In view of the recent ADAC (General German Automobile Association) awards scandal in Germany, hard facts are called for: exactly 25,245 readers of "AUDIO", "stereoplay" and "video" and users of the internet portals "audio.de" (for "AUDIO" and "stereoplay") and "video-magazin.de" have cast their votes on the Internet. 8,685 of them used the "video" online tool to vote. As far as the tested companies were concerned, only those who provided the editors with sample units throughout the year were eligible for votes in the rigorous tests of the "video" laboratories in Munich and Stuttgart.

Kathrein’s twin Smart-TV receiver UFS 924 took first place in the category "HDTV receivers". Kathrein SAT product manager Michael Auer said: "We are delighted with the award. Our receiver has certainly earned it. It is easy to use and is brilliantly equipped, offering convenient recording and networking functions.”

The results are now available online at "www.video-magazin.de" and in the April issue of the "video" (issue 4/2014) of WEKA MEDIA PUBLISHING GmbH based in Haar near Munich. The magazine has been on the market for 35 years.

Source: video 4/2014



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