Bavarian State Minister Marcel Huber Visits Kathrein

Press image Bavarian State Minister Marcel Huber Visits Kathrein

Dr. Marcel Huber, Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery, visited Kathrein in Rosenheim to learn about current innovative projects and the development of the mobile communications industry including the new 5G standard. The State Minister’s visit was related to the Bavarian State Government’s digitalisation strategy. Scientific institutes and leading technology businesses are in close exchange with the State Government on this topic.

In his introductory speech, Anton Kathrein, CEO of the Kathrein Group, explained the company’s strategy. “We see very promising prospects in new markets and market segments,” said Kathrein. “On the one hand, we supply our regional customers’ needs by providing specific solutions, on the other hand, Kathrein is expanding in the area of the solutions and service business. Our unique technology competence makes us a leader in the connected world,” said the CEO.

The State Minister then visited various research projects at Kathrein. 5G, the new mobile communications standard that will revolutionise the mobile communications market in the next couple of years, was in the focus of interest. To gain practical experience in live operation, Kathrein set up a test radio network in Rosenheim. The testbed enables the simulation of innovative applications and the interaction of different technologies.

Dr. Hermann Rodler, Head of the Products Business Unit at Kathrein, said that the aim was to be ahead of international competition in the development of 5G. “We welcome every political step towards developing a competitive digital infrastructure,” said Rodler.

Dr. Huber was very optimistic and confident after the meeting: “Digitalisation is the Industrial Revolution of the 21st century. The Bavarian State Government’s strategy of digitalisation puts a focus exactly on this development. We want to tap every potential and exploit every opportunity that is offered to promote digitalisation. It is our aim to make Bavaria the lead region for the launch into the digital era. We are happy and proud to have such innovative and creative companies as Kathrein here in Bavaria.”

The State Minister followed an invitation by Klaus Stöttner (CSU), Rosenheim’s representative in the Bavarian State Parliament. The initiator of the Digital Business Incubator “Stellwerk18” sees digitalisation as a great opportunity for the region. “Rosenheim emanates an enormous innovative power. The visit of the Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery demonstrates the importance of our regional business enterprises in the area of digitalisation. “Stellwerk18”, the Digital Business Incubator in the making, will further strengthen our good position,” said Stöttner thanking the State Minister for his visit.



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