DVB-T2: Change up now with Kathrein

Press image DVB-T2: Change up now with Kathrein

The transition to DVB-T2 on 29 March 2017 marks the beginning of a new era in digital antenna television. DVB-T2 HD is the follow-up to the television standard DVB-T, which will be switched off in many regions at the transition time. DVB-T2 offers better picture quality (the top channels in full HD) and more channels (around 40 channels will be available in the major urban areas).

For reception of DVB-T2 you need a suitable receiver - otherwise your TV screen will remain black. The green logo will help you find receivers suitable for DVB-T2. These devices support the new standard and can be used without restrictions. Most likely, however, you will need new reception devices such as indoor antennas or receivers in order to receive this abundance of channels in brilliant quality.

Change up now with the suitable reception technology from Kathrein. It’s so easy to enjoy the new digital antenna television:

If your TV set does not have an integrated tuner for DVB-T2 ...

you only need a DVB-T2 HD receiver such as Kathrein’s UFT 930 - a very cost-effective solution. In combination with a suitable antenna, this receiver transmits the digital signals to your TV set via an HDMI connection without loss and in high quality. The UFT 930 does not only transmit free, public-service channels. The receiver also delivers encrypted HD channel packages of private TV stations in pin-sharp picture quality to your home TV. On top of that, the receiver is equipped with a network connection offering a multitude of additional content via the Internet (HbbTV).

The indoor antenna BZD 30 complements the UFT 930 perfectly. Its outstanding reception characteristics will certainly convince you. Due to the antenna’s compact, space-saving design, it can be set up unobtrusively in your home.

If your TV set is already suitable for DVB-T2 ...

you should manage the change in no time at all. For receiving DVB-T2 you only require an active indoor antenna to update your system to the new standard - the Kathrein BZD 32 is suitable for this. You get maximal reception for minimum effort. It’s as simple as that. 

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