Kathrein Aims to Expand its Market Position in the APAC Region

Kathrein has identified promising business potential in the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific telecommunications market and will continue to expand its activities in this region. The sales network will be reorganised and human resources strengthened. The solution and system portfolio will be expanded to meet market-specific demands. With the motto of "Smart Investment – Superior Value", Kathrein will take part at the CommunicAsia from 2 to 5 June in Singapore and will be showing how to intelligently solve complex, technological challenges in the mobile communication, indoor and broadcast sectors.

"As a pioneer in innovation and technology, we benefit from decades of expertise in various communication technology sectors," stated CEO Anton Kathrein. "Deciding on a Kathrein solution is a save investment in the future – we represent maximum quality, we guarantee high levels of reliability and we put our customers first," he continued. The company will also integrate special solutions into its portfolio to optimally meet technical demands in the APAC region.

Stronger presence in regional markets

A part of the Kathrein growth strategy is to expand its sales network in the Asia-Pacific region. "In the future we will be even closer to our customers by strengthening our presence in the regional markets," explained Joe Doering, CSO of the Kathrein Group. A regional sales headquarters already exists in Hong Kong and is responsible for markets in China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Kathrein expanded its activities in South Korea last year. Furthermore a new sales affiliate will open in Singapore shortly and will be responsible for the South East Asian markets. Currently, Kathrein has eleven sales affiliates and partners, and more than 800 employees work in the APAC region for the Kathrein Group, including two plants in China.

Every second user of mobile services lives in the APAC region

Already around a half of all global mobile communication customers are situated in the Asia-Pacific region, and this number is likely to increase. This was the result of a survey conducted by the GSM Association, the industry association for mobile communication providers, which intensively analyses global market perspectives. Data volumes are exploding in the region, and the customers have ever-growing expectations with regard to network availability, reliability and quality. This means that wireless networks of the future must provide even more performance, flexibility and efficiency. Kathrein provides answers to these challenges at Asia's most important fair for communication technology.

Innovative solutions at CommunicAsia

The company will be presenting several new mobile communication antenna systems in Singapore, including an antenna featuring a special low band filter design, enabling independent operation of four systems in compact installation spaces. The filter technology was developed by Kathrein more than 10 years ago and has established itself as the industry standard. Kathrein will also be showing an innovative micro-cell antenna that provides a very high degree of freedom for network planning due to individual customer settings.

In the sector of indoor capacity solutions Kathrein will be presenting the innovative micro C-RAN system K-BOW. The solution ensures maximum signal quality in all parts of the building and flexibly and dynamically provides capacity where momentarily needed. Visitors will be able to experience K-BOW functionality live: the interactive Kathrein Smart City simulates how indoor mobile communication requirements continuously change in the course of 24 hours and how K-BOW flexibly and dynamically manages capacities.

The Kathrein business field of broadcast solutions will also be spotlighted at the CommunicAsia. Highlights include a new universal antenna for DVBT2 broadcasting covering the complete UHF frequency range. This omni-directional transmission antenna provides uniform coverage even on masts with larger dimensions. The product will be available for customers from mid-2015 at an attractive price-performance ratio.



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