Kathrein Equips Autodromo Imola with K-BOW

Press image Kathrein Equips “Autodromo Imola” with K-BOW

Kathrein has optimised mobile communication coverage at the world-famous Autodromo Imola in collaboration with system integrator SITE. Kathrein’s innovative K-BOW system was installed at the complex of the former Formula 1 race track. More than 350,000 visitors come every year to the venue to watch motor races, concerts and other events.

Reliable mobile coverage with high data rates during big events is an important criterion to ensure that visitors and journalists are satisfied. Numerous modifications to existing buildings and the remodelling of outdoor areas into additional event locations compelled the operators of the autodrome in Imola to install a system which provides for a stable, ubiquitous and powerful signal coverage in all areas of the complex.

The Autodromo Imola is now the first sports and event complex to be equipped with Kathrein’s innovative micro C-RAN system. K-BOW offers visitors and media representatives the best possible signal quality and high data transmission rates at any time and anywhere. Coverage is provided to offices and conference rooms on all floors and outdoors to the terrace, two event areas and the grandstands.

Customised scenario management

The ambitious project was completed within a very short time. Not even five months passed from the time the authorities in Bologna had given their approval to the initial operation of the system. The particular challenge was to provide networking across all floors of the entire building complex, while at the same time integrating all outdoor areas at the property which are frequented by visitors during the events.

“For us, the scenario management provided by Kathrein and SITE was like hitting the jackpot. It was exactly the solution that we were looking for. It enables us to pre-configure different scenarios depending on the type of event and provide our hot spots with data volumes exactly where and to the amount needed, even when we have a high number of visitors. This includes peak times, for example during rock concerts or motorsports events,” says Pier Giovanni Ricci, General Manager at Formula Imola S.p.A. Ricci gives a very positive review: “With the K-BOW system, we are well set for the future and ready for the increasing demands on data traffic and transmission rates.”

Flexibility and modularity were the determining factors

The fact that the Autodromo Imola was equipped with the K-BOW system is due to the system integrator SITE. The headquarters of SITE are in Bologna, a city close to Imola. They have been closely collaborating with Kathrein for several years now. The solution was developed and introduced in jointly held presentations and workshops. “We were impressed by the overall K-BOW package,” says Ing. Stefano Cremonini, Head of Engineering Division at SITE S.p.A. “The key benefits of the system are its flexibility and modular structure. We can route the required capacities to the respective reception sectors and offer the visitors steady and stable mobile coverage throughout the entire autodrome.”

For SITE, the K-BOW installation at the Autodromo Imola is only the first step of an even bigger project. In an ambitious outlook into the future, SITE plans, in collaboration with the network operator WIND, to expand the mobile capacities from the base station at the autodrome to the city centre of Imola one kilometre away.