Kathrein is looking for junior staff from the region

Young pupils working on a industrial machine

Once again this year, our HR team participated in several job, career and apprenticeship fairs in order to make our company known to young people. At our exhibition stand pupils and students got a first impression of Kathrein, the career opportunities and the corporate philosophy.

Attachment to one’s home region is increasing

Kathrein is already a well-known name at the IKORO and JobFit trade fairs in Rosenheim. For many visitors it is important that they can stay in the region for their apprenticeship, studies or even career. The attachment to their home and their roots has become more and more important for young people in recent years.

“Goody robot” and soldering station as visitor magnets

There were over 100 exhibitors at the JobFit fair, which had many exciting apprenticeship themes. This year, an unusual machine attracted the visitors’ attention at the Kathrein stand. At the press of a button, a “goody robot” dealt out giveaways and other promotional items. It was built and programmed by our technical apprentices and was very well received by all our visitors.

The highlight at the IKORO fair was a soldering station. The queue of people waiting to build an electronic dice became longer and longer. Some of the visitors even took a later train home so that they could have a go. Alexander Seeor’s lecture on “Into the digital future with 5G wireless connectivity” also aroused great interest among students.

Interview with Anton Kathrein about IKORO

In the run-up to IKORO, our CEO Anton Kathrein took time to be interviewed by the trade fair’s student organising team. Read an excerpt from the interview below.

Your company has been closely associated with Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences for many years. How do you rate this cooperation?

“We have a long-standing, very close and proven partnership with the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. My father studied business administration there and later he also gave lectures. We already had many good experiences with students from that university in our company, e.g. in the context of seminar papers and theses, as well as cooperation in the field of electrical engineering. A university of applied sciences stands for teaching in combination with practical application in the company. We support this and we ultimately also benefit from the well-trained students. We have of course been with IKORO from the very beginning.”

Has IKORO always been a success for you?

“Certainly! We have already received a lot of students for our company through IKORO. IKORO is the perfect way for us to get in touch with students!”

Please describe briefly the working atmosphere in your company.

“At Kathrein we care about our employees. I would describe our working atmosphere as cooperative, open, respectful and fair. This also applies in dealing with criticism, both positive and negative. Add to that pragmatism, down-to-earthness and a certain modesty.”

How would you characterise your company? What distinguishes Kathrein from other companies?

“The mixture of regional roots, international presence and especially our technologies. We focus on the central question of how mobile networks can be made even better. Students or young professionals usually start their career locally in Rosenheim, but they also have many opportunities to work internationally for Kathrein.”

Sometimes students may not know how to approach an exhibition stand or may not dare to approach a company directly. Do you have any tips for them?

“What is there to lose? We are only people and we are always happy to meet visitors at our stand who show interest – you can talk to us about anything.”

As a company, what demands do you have on your future workforce?

“Curiosity is crucial for us, but also the willingness to get involved, to identify with our work and to take on responsibility. This applies to our own role in the company and also includes the ability to be critical. Of course, our future employees also require the appropriate professional qualifications.”

Would you like to be a student again and visit IKORO?

“I enjoyed my time at university very much. I found it great to start a new chapter in my life and to have so many opportunities. I wouldn’t want to miss this time, but now I really enjoy my current professional life.”

What advice would you give to students?

“Try to find a good mixture of curiosity, impartiality, self-confidence, but also modesty. Have confidence in your own abilities, but also don’t forget that you can learn a lot from your colleagues.”

A career at Kathrein

Kathrein is an international technology driver. On our career site, pupils and students can find numerous opportunities for internships and work placements to gain valuable experience. Of course, we also offer many different types of apprenticeship.

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