Kathrein Kids – 50 children discover world of senses

50 children discover world of sences on Repentance Day

Repentance Day in Bavaria means a day off school for the pupils. However, as it’s not a public holiday, their parents must still go to work. So what to do with the children if you can’t or don’t want to take the day off work? For the 5th time now, the staff at Kathrein in Rosenheim had a simple solution again this year: As part of “Kathrein in Motion” (KiM), health management invited 50 children to join KiM on an adventurous day trip.

Audioversum – exciting insights into world of senses

This year the bus took them to “Audioversum” in Innsbruck, Austria. As a science center, it fascinates with a combination of medicine, technology, education and art and offers exciting insights into the world of senses.

The Kathrein Kids were able to visit the main exhibition as well as the two special exhibitions. Whether on the “Sound Stairs”, in the “Screaming Chamber” or touching XXL senses to learn how hearing works. In each and every corner was something to discover. An interactive journey showed them all kinds of smells and in the “Superbrain” exhibition they did some brain training.

Bowling under Disco lights

Afterwards the young discoverers went to Wörgl, where their lunch and a brightly illuminated bowling alley was waiting for them.

Quickly the teams were built and after a bit of chaos the right shoes were found. Ready for the battle – lunch didn’t matter anymore.

Two full hours of fighting for each point were exhausting and so it was time to pack up and get back on the bus. Some chocolates to gain energy and off they went back to Rosenheim where their parents were already waiting for them.