Kathrein Main Sponsor of “Pharaoh” Exhibition

Press image Kathrein support's the Egypt Exhibition

The multimedia “Pharaoh” exhibition opened in the Lokschuppen exhibition centre with Kathrein as one of the main sponsors. Visitors will be able to explore life in ancient Egypt until 17 December. The exhibition features around 400 exhibits provided by renowned lenders, eleven models of ancient temple complexes and 22 media stations. The exhibition highlights include an approximately 4000 year old coffin and the mummy of Ta-cheru as well as numerous sculptures from museums in Hildesheim, Berlin and Aberdeen.

For the makers of the exhibition it was important to send the visitor on a vivid and lively journey to the Nile. You are met with a blast of hot desert air when you enter the exhibition. “We make entering into the world of ancient Egypt easy”, says curator Dr. Christian Tietze. “First of all the visitor experiences the living conditions in the Nile valley and a timeline gives him an overview of Egypt’s history.” Then he is immersed in the living environment of the old Egyptians: the temples, workshops, sales stands and living quarters. The exhibition shows how people of different social classes lived and worked.

The mummy of Ta-cheru and the richly decorated coffin as well as many other exhibits are on loan from the Aberdeen University Museum. “We are happy to make our treasures available”, says director Neil Curtis. “We still have some exhibits in our museum for which we haven’t conducted sufficient research yet. This includes the coffin with the mummy of Ta-cheru, which was scientifically analysed in Hildesheim in preparation for the Rosenheim exhibition.”

Visitor-friendly exhibition architecture

The Lokschuppen operating company, the Veranstaltungs + Kongress GmbH Rosenheim (VKR) invested close to 2.5 million euros into creating this sophisticated exhibition. “This year too, we are placing the emphasis on the experience-oriented character of the exhibition which has been designed for adults as well as children”, explains Peter Lutz, Managing Director of VKR. High-calibre exhibits and visitor-friendly architecture featuring elaborate light and sound design are needed to achieve this.

Special offerings for children, families and senior citizens

Once again the makers of the exhibition placed great emphasis on children’s interests: the youngest visitors get to know ancient Egypt in a playful tour conducted with a hand puppet. For school students there are workshops linked to teaching curriculae and headed by specialised museum educators. The Lokschuppen also offers special tours for senior citizens and families.

The Lokschuppen creates unique worlds of experience

“This year too, the Lokschuppen is the arena which hosts a very special exhibition which has been realised with great dedication and commitment as well as financial expenditure”, says Anton Kathrein, CEO of the Kathrein Group. “We look forward to supporting the town of Rosenheim’s flagship with its unique worlds of experience.”

VKR is expecting 200,000 visitors to come and discover the ancient world of Egypt. Last year’s “VIKINGS” exhibition attracted around 207,000 visitors. Since the exhibition centre was opened in 1988, almost 4.2 million visitors have passed through the Lokschuppen.