Kathrein RFID Distinguished for Intra-logistics Innovation

Kathrein RFID, a business unit of Kathrein-Sachsen GmbH, has been awarded the "Best Product LogiMAT 2015" for the first time. The award-winning ceremony took place as part of the 13th LogiMAT 2015, the international specialist fair for distribution, material and information flow in Stuttgart, Germany in February.

The Kathrein RFID innovation exemplarily fulfilled LogiMAT competition conditions - greater productivity with less complexity and lower costs. The new system with automatic direction detection enables the fully automatic detection of goods in motion in the industrial and logistics sectors. With three individually selectable reading zones, it not only links product information but also the motion direction of goods with previously read data, enabling goods to be automatically tracked.

Typical tasks in logistics such as the booking in and out of warehouse goods, the loading and unloading of trucks and moving pallets with fork lift trucks demand a precise identification and motion direction of goods. Both requirements are reliably and economically implemented with the innovative system. "Already today, many companies take advantage of the benefits of UHF RFID to make their logistic processes more transparent and efficient on their path to Industry 4.0. The ARU-CSB system is our response to these demands," explained Thomas Brunner, Head of Products at Kathrein RFID.

The new system enables responses to events in the flow of goods almost in real time, providing an additional benefit compared to standard identification systems. In the appraisal of the jury of experts this significantly contributes to safer processes, simpler adaptation to modifications, improvements in efficiency and ultimately an increase in logistics productivity.

The "Best Product" award was initiated by the LogiMAT event organisers 12 years ago to draw attention to the excellence of exhibitors. The jury of seven consists of independent scientists and technical journalists, evaluating practical relevance and cost consciousness among other criteria. A total of 91 applications were received in 2015 from which three award winners were selected.

For detailed information about the Kathrein RFID system, see www.kathrein-rfid.de.



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