Kathrein Sets New Standards for Digital Single-Cable Multi-Switches

Full-Band Capture is the magic word that Kathrein uses for its new twin single-cable multi-switch generation. With the EXD 1532 and EXD 2532, Kathrein now presents two second-generation single-cable multi-switches that are characterised by cutting-edge development and highly integrated circuit technology.

By means of a rotary switch it is possible to select various user band configurations for both single-cable outputs. Selecting 2 x 16 (32) user bands enables two large distributions in parallel. If the local conditions require an asymmetrical distribution, it is also possible to select 24/8 or 30/legacy, for example. The setting mode with 24/8 user bands is particularly advantageous for systems in which the new Sat>IP server EXIP 4124 or multi-tuner receivers, such as the UFSconnect 926, completely occupy the offered user bands. The “lower” 8 user bands can, if necessary, also be addressed with the “old” EN 50494 single-cable standard so that the installer can find suitable solutions also for customers with older single-cable receivers.

Both the single-cable standard EN 50494 and the EN 50607 are each implemented with a PIN code. The two digital single-cable multi-switches feature automatic gain control (AGC) for both outputs, as well as ”Kathrein Power Saving“ for optimal energy consumption. There is furthermore a setting option for a future wideband technology that enables multi-feed reception with two wideband LNBs.

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