Kathrein Technology Helps to Build Europe’s Largest Gigabit Network

Kathrein is one of the key providers for the expansion of the cable network in Flanders. Belgian telecommunication group Telenet is investing 500 million euros in its new gigabit network over the next five years. It will enable data rates of at least 1 gigabit per second.

In order to upgrade the network, Telenet will replace all 150,000 amplifiers in its fixed network throughout Flanders. Moreover, 1.8 million other components such as splitters and taps will be adapted or replaced. The cable network in northern Belgium is the first of this size in Europe to be developed into a gigabit network. Flanders is thus becoming one of the regions with the best digital infrastructure. Customers will benefit from extremely fast and high transmission rates, e. g. for video streaming in HD quality.

Kathrein amplifiers minimise work

Kathrein will supply up to 75,000 amplifiers for the network enhancement. “Our high-performance and extremely reliable amplifiers with a bandwidth of 1.2 GHz meet Telenet’s requirements precisely,” explains Erhard Roppelt, head of Kathrein broadband technology division. “The very low failure rates and low power consumption of our amplifiers are important criteria for a project of this magnitude.” The simple setup of the devices also minimises conversion work.

Joe Doering, CSO of Kathrein: “The project sets the example in Europe, and other cable network operators will follow suit in the coming years. The proven partnership between the two technology leaders Telenet and Kathrein will significantly enhance one of Europe’s largest cable networks. Based on a tight schedule, we will employ our unique expertise in amplifier technology for this purpose.”

Proven expertise and high-performance equipment

Micha Berger, CTO of Telenet: “We are pleased to have Kathrein as one of our suppliers for the amplifiers for our large-scale investment project. We have chosen them for their proven expertise and high-performance equipment. Together, we will make our contribution to the digital future of Flanders. With the 1 GHz network Telenet ensures that both its residential and business customers will have all the necessary bandwidth they need in the future.”



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