Kathrein USA Changes Name and Relocates to Dallas

On September 29th, the Medford-based Kathrein subsidiary KATHREIN Inc., Scala Division changed its name to Kathrein USA Inc. Furthermore, the company will be relocating to their new premises in Dallas, Texas.

Medford is located in the state of Oregon, roughly 43 kilometres north of the northern California border. Although it is the 4th largest metropolitan area in Oregon, the location posed a series of logistic problems due to lack of rail service and air freight. As a result of the remoteness of the area, it was also difficult to attract qualified staff. A further disadvantage is that most of the customers are concentrated along the east coast, Texas and California. This forced the company to position sales staff around the country so that they could be more responsive to customers.

All these factors lead to the decision to relocate to the Dallas metroplex. The new offices are located on the sixth floor of a seven storey building and occupy an area of approximately 650 square meters. At present there are 85 staff members. Once the Medford operation has been closed, the total staff will include 30-40 members. If all goes according to schedule, the offices should be opened in mid November.