On the way to the "Internet of Things"

Using smartphones, tablets, laptops, chips, sensors, fibre optic cables and wireless connections, people can communicate with each other and exchange data from almost anywhere in the world. The identification of objects by means of passive RFID is a key technology used in connection with the Internet of Things. Kathrein acquired the company noFilis in order to be able to offer hardware, software and RFID expertise from a single source.


As a leading international specialist for reliable, high-quality communication technology, Kathrein planned to increase its competitiveness in the area of IoT solutions. The aim was to be able to offer customers comprehensive solutions in the area of RFID, which was achieved by taking over the company noFilis based in Ismaning. As a result of this, Kathrein RFID can now integrate any conceivable RFID/AutoID system in ERP and SCM systems by means of the leading international platform-independent and SAP-certified software CrossTalk.

Comprehensive solution

Kathrein RFID and noFilis had long been engaged in successful collaboration in the areas of logistics and supply chain management. The takeover allows Kathrein to offer a full range of service in terms of RFID hardware, software and integration expertise. RFID tags provide valuable tracking information on an automated basis. They can be used to control and manage the flow of goods and logistics processes, for example. RFID transponders are easy to apply to virtually all objects and are registered in real time when passed through a scanner. Unlike the barcode system, RFID can register hundreds of transponders at the same time. Objects bearing RFID tags can also be localised and tracked.


With noFilis, Kathrein is able to offer its customers integrated full-service solutions as well as providing even more efficient consultancy and support. Kathrein customers therefore benefit from increased productivity, improved quality and more efficient logistics processes, for example. Ultimately, the streamlined and highly transparent process improvements enable the company to penetrate other attractive areas of application, target groups and markets.