Programmable Single-Cable Outlets

The programmable single-cable outlets ESU 51/53/54/56/57 ensure interference-free reception in single-cable satellite reception systems. By means of these outlets, it is possible to programme user bands quickly and easily. They furthermore feature a micro-controller, which monitors the signalling inside single-cable systems. The single-cable outlets of the ESU 50 series are an innovative system solution for the widest range of distribution structures with graduated connection attenuations for perfect signal quality at the respective subscriber connection.

User ID checks ensure that only the enabled user bands are transmitted from the end device to the multi-switch via the outlet. Together with the “ESUcontrol” app, the programming device SWP 50 makes it possible to configure the single-cable outlets of the ESU 50 series. This ensures that connected devices can only use the respectively enabled user bands. The entire single-cable satellite system thus operates across several residences permanently without experiencing interference. All outlets are return-path compatible for systems with cable connection (CATV modem) or in systems with “IP over Coax”, e.g. with KLAN modem EXI 01.

Programming device SWP 50

The programming device SWP 50 makes it possible to set and configure the programmable ESU 50 series single-cable outlets. By means of the SWP 50, the user bands in the single-cable outlet are configured with the result that the subscribers in a single-cable system do not interfere with one another. The programming device can be accessed via tablet, smart phone or a PC with Windows OS.

“ESUcontrol“ app

With the “ESUcontrol” app, the configuration of the programmable single-cable outlets can be checked and changed. By means of this app, it is possible to quickly and easily disable and enable user bands. The use of a PIN code helps to protect the configuration of the outlet against unauthorised modifications. The app is available free of charge for Android, iOS and Windows.

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