Quickly and intuitively configure the user bands wirelessly or by USB

The programmable single-cable outlets ESU 51/53/54/56/57 guarantee interference-free reception in single-cable satellite reception systems. With them, the programming of the user bands can be made quickly and easily. 

They also include a microcontroller within monitored the signalling of single-cable installations. The single-cable outlets of ESU 50 series are an innovative system solution for the diverse distribution network structures with recessed connection losses for perfect signal quality on the respective subscriber connection.

User-ID verification ensures that only the approved user bands from the end device are routed through the box to the multi-switch. The SWP 50 programming device along with the app "Kathrein ESU" allows the configuration of the single-cable outlets of ESU 50 series. Only by doing this it is ensured that the connected devices can use only the shared user bands. In this way trouble-free operation of the entire single-cable satellite system is permanently guaranteed throughout the flat. All sockets are full return path compatible designed for installations with cable (CATV modem) or installations with "IP-over-coax", e.g. the KLAN modem EXI are 01 fitted.

Programming device SWP 50

The programming device SWP 50 enables the creation and configuration of the programmable single-cable sockets ESU 50 series. With the programming device, the user bands are configured in single-cable outlet. Thus it is ensured that the participants in a single-cable system does not interfere with each other (right across installation). Access to the programming device is possible via tablet, smartphone or PC with Windows operating system.

App „Kathrein ESU“

With "Kathrein ESU" the configuration of the programmable single-cable outlets are checked and changed. With this, you can user bands can be quickly and simply enabled or disabled. Using a PIN code to configure the box against unauthorized changes can be protected. The app is available free of charge for the operating systems Android, iOS and Windows.



Download as pdf ( June 2016 | en )