RFID Technology from Kathrein Makes Traffic Light Smart

Source: HPA

The first intelligent traffic light came into operation at the Port of Hamburg recently. It reacts to the needs of vehicles and pedestrians and adjusts its stop signals accordingly. The flow of trucks can be optimised by wireless communication using RFID technology (Radio frequency identification) from Kathrein. In addition, pedestrians should be able to move more quickly and safely through the busy port.

The technology of the so-called "smartPORT Traffic Light” works like this: vehicles and pedestrians are equipped with an RFID chip, which communicates via Wi-Fi with the Kathrein RFID system at the traffic light. The intelligent light then controls the traffic according to the congestion. Thus, trucks approaching a light will be able to expand or advance the green light in order to pass the light without stopping. In-between stops can be avoided. At the same time, the drivers are informed on a small screen in the cab whether or not they must stop or continue at the traffic light.

"RFID technology is an important component of the traffic environmental network," explains Thomas Brunner, Sales Manager at Kathrein RFID. “As the project in Hamburg shows, our powerful and reliable RFID solutions meet the technical requirements in an outstanding manner.” The management of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) is convinced of the benefits of RFID technology. They want to set up more intelligent traffic lights to navigate truck traffic optimally through the huge area. This is not only reasonable economically but it also helps to protect the environment, as the trucks arrive at their destination quicker. Pedestrian safety also increases: they are recognised by the traffic light which then transmits an information to the approaching vehicle. That way the driver has sufficient time to adapt to the pedestrian.



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