The Kathrein BZD 30 DVB-T Antenna is the winner in

The indoor antenna, the BZD 30 which is used for receiving digital terrestrial TV and radio programs has been honoured as winner by the product review portal With a total score of 1.3 the antenna was the best rated of all products.

The BZD 30 antenna for the reception of DVB-T and DVB-T2 channels can be horizontally or vertically polarised. No special alignment is required because the antenna has almost Omni-directional characteristics. It has an integrated amplifier and a blocking filter for GSM and LTE interference. It is powered using the remote supply (5V/30 mA) via the coax cable connected to the DVB-T/T2 or alternatively using the NCF 18 power supply unit and the remote feed diplexer WFS 28.

“We are very happy with the test results. It confirms the high quality that characterises our products.” said Erich Rock, head of Terrestrial & Satellite Reception business unit.

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