Top Technology for Top Teams

The Allianz Arena needed a new SAT headend so as to move on from analogue TV into the digital age. As an international specialist for reliable, high-quality communication technologies, Kathrein was commissioned to realise this challenging project and install the fully digital UFOcompact plus® system.


Allianz Arena Munich Stadion GmbH, a subsidiary of FC Bayern Munich AG, operates the football stadium in the north of Munich, so it is responsible for the quality, functionality and variety of TV broadcasting to more than 800 screens throughout the stadium. As a tried and trusted partner, Kathrein was given the task of ensuring top-class TV reception and digital programme variety. For this purpose, the analogue headend had to be replaced with the new digital UFOcompact plus® system.

Kathrein solution

Within a single day, the Allianz Arena was fitted with the digital SAT headend - a technology that is also used by cable network operators, for example. Signals received from the satellite in SD and HDTV and from the terrestrial antenna (DVB-T) are processed to provide digital cable television (DVB-C). With central decryption capability, the programme range available via the new headend includes all Sky Sport and Sky Bundesliga HD channels. The entire TV system in the stadium including the reception units and the complex distribution structures were supplied by Kathrein.


The UFOcompact plus® central feed unit now sends a uniform digital TV signal to some 800 monitors throughout the stadium. Allianz Arena General Manager Juergen Muth says it was clear from the outset that “Kathrein should replace the headend, being our long-established partner”. All screens have the same channel listings, as stored centrally in the headend. The headend can be programmed remotely, which greatly streamlines the work involved at many points in the process. Another advantage is that this solution enables the Allianz Arena to significantly optimise its energy efficiency, so it can cut costs in this way, too. And fans can look forward to much greater programme variety – a win-win outcome for all concerned.