Kathrein Concludes Financing Agreement with Banks – Restructuring Is Proceeding Well

Kathrein has taken a big and important step forward in its restructuring process. Headquartered in Rosenheim, the company has concluded an agreement with its lending banks securing the necessary financial means until the end of 2020. “This agreement helped us to set the course for sustainable growth and increased competitiveness of our company,” says Anton Kathrein, CEO and managing partner of the Kathrein Group. “It secures Kathrein’s independence as well as its future viability by enabling important investments, for example in 5G, the new mobile communication standard.”

At the end of March, Kathrein’s management discussed and agreed upon a restructuring plan with the lending banks and signed a joint agreement. Kathrein is a family-owned company steeped in tradition. The agreement enables it to continue its reorganisation and at the same time further invest in new technologies in order to not only secure its competitiveness but also its position as an innovation driver in its sector.

The measures include among others: improved efficiency in the global production network, saving as well as focussing resources on the core business and on innovative core areas such as the new 5G standard and high frequency technology in antenna production.

Kathrein is an important driver for the new 5G mobile communication standard

The company is already very well positioned for the new 5G mobile communication standard. This is emphasised by collaborating in numerous projects with well-known national and international companies, such as Bayerischer Rundfunk, Telefónica Deutschland, Ericsson, Nokia and Orange. 

With its anniversary just around the corner, Kathrein is on the right track for the future

“Our customers appreciate very much our technological competency and innovative power,” says Anton Kathrein. “These qualities combined with our international collaborations for 5G, the new mobile communication standard, offer excellent future perspectives, which helped to convince our financing partners.” The current agreement is a strong sign of confidence in the company, which will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary. The employees are also supporting the agreement: “I would like to give my sincere thanks to all negotiating partners as well as our customers and employees for the trust they are placing in us,” says Kathrein.

To underline his commitment to the company, the CEO made a significant contribution to the partnership capital, which added to the success of the agreement. With the 100th anniversary in 2019 just around the corner, these measures safeguard Kathrein’s independence as an innovative family-owned company. Further details of the agreement will remain undisclosed.



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