Kathrein Is Supporting Telekom’s Mobile Communications Initiative in Bavaria

Group Photo with M. Söder

Kathrein is driving forward the expansion of mobile communication networks in Bavaria together with their partner Deutsche Telekom. Bavaria’s head of state Markus Söder (CSU) came to Inning/Ammersee to hear about the telecommunications company’s plans. At the event, Kathrein presented an ultra-compact antenna system, which Telekom plans to deploy at numerous mobile communication sites.

By the end of 2020, Telekom will build an additional one thousand mobile base stations, in particular alongside important traffic routes and in sparsely populated regions. “We are well aware of the importance of mobile communication for rural areas,” says Telekom’s CEO Tim Höttges. “We will therefore eliminate 100 white spots within the next three years, in addition to the thousand planned new sites.”

At the same time, Telekom will modernise its mobile communication facilities in Bavaria. The plan is to enable high transmission rates via LTE (Long Term Evolution) across almost the entire mobile network by the end of 2019.

Ultra-compact antenna for net expansion and optimisation

Telekom will also rely on Kathrein antennas for network expansion and modernisation. In Inning, Kathrein presented an antenna that is the same size as previous antennas but provides seven frequency bands instead of one to three.

“This ultra-modern multi-band antenna will enable Deutsche Telekom to achieve the highest data rates. For network modernisation, three multi-band antennas can replace up to 21 existing antennas at a mobile base station. This will provide flexible and cost-effective deployment possibilities,” explains Bodo Giegel, Key Account Manager Deutsche Telekom at Kathrein.


The antenna supports the existing mobile communication standards LTE (4G), UMTS (3G) and GSM (2G). It is also ready for 5G, the new mobile communication standard in the 700 MHz band. 5G is planned to be introduced within the next few years and will enable considerably higher data rates (up to 100 times higher than LTE).

“We are proud to support Telekom’s expansion plans with our technology – generally, but especially in our Bavarian homeland,” said Anton Kathrein, CEO of the Kathrein Group. “Kathrein and Telekom have been successful partners for many years. We will now open a new chapter in our business relationship with Telekom.”



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