Kathrein Takes Part in Project for First 5G Antenna System

Group photo Project for First 5G Antenna System

Kathrein has partnered with the French telecommunications corporation Orange and network specialist Nokia to set the course for the deployment of 5G technology. In Paris, a new antenna system was introduced which combines 5G-ready MIMO technology with the standards for existing mobile technologies such as LTE (4G).

Up until now, it has been nearly impossible, due to space constraints, to make existing antenna sites ready for 5G. The solution that has been presented today is a joint development. Antenna sites can now be upgraded so that next-generation mobile services can be ensured without additional space requirements at an optimal cost-benefit ratio. Orange wants to implement this 5G solution in France in the middle of 2019 at up to 30 per cent of all antenna sites. They plan further international roll-outs, for instance in Romania, Slovakia and Poland. The worldwide introduction of the 5G standard is scheduled for 2020 with the idea to multiply transmission rates and data volumes in the mobile communication sector.

Basis for high-performance ultra broadband solutions 

This new solution is the first of its kind worldwide and integrates a passive multi-band antenna and a “massive adaptive MIMO antenna”, as it is called, into a single unit. Nokia’s passive and adaptive antenna (PAA) combines the latest antenna innovations and provides a clear path to 5G by taking advantage of the innovative, cloud-based, highly scalable AirScale Radio Access solution.

This state-of-the-art solution offers advanced 5G massive MIMO capabilities and cutting-edge passive antenna design with 4x4 MIMO capability for all frequency bands under 6GHz. The new technology is the basis for providing high-performance ultra broadband solutions and paves the way for the practical use of 5G technology.

The cooperation benefits from Kathrein’s proven experience in high- performance antenna design, manufacturing and deployment. The company is a specialist in multi-band antenna technology using integrated 4x4 MIMO capabilities in multi-band configurations under 6GHz. Nokia are contributing their expertise in MIMO technology and have been developing active antenna technology over many decades. The network supplier offers a broad range of high-performance active antenna solutions for existing network technologies as well as for the future 5G standard.

“Nokia and Kathrein offer a unique combination of innovation and experience both in Smart Radio and Radio Frequency solutions.  Together with the Orange Group, we are paving the way for 5G,” says Anton Kathrein, CEO of the Kathrein Group. “Nokia offers innovative site solutions for 5G deployment. We are developing a unique solution together with Orange and Kathrein that enables the maximum utilisation of existing sites,” says Rauno Jokelainen, Vice President of the Nokia Smart Radio Development Unit.

“5G will be a key technology to enable new usages for consumers and enterprises. Orange is already working with its partners on deployment strategies in order to facilitate fast and effective roll-out cross our geographies”, says Arnaud Vamparys, SVP Radio Networks & 5G group leader at Orange.



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