Small Size, Great Performance – the New 378 Platform

The new 378 antenna platform is the ideal solution for mobile network operators who want to create space for new technologies, such as 5G, on existing cell towers and radio masts. The 378 platform features up to nine frequency bands. All FDD frequencies can be consolidated and operated via the new platform. What is more: The optimised size and the resulting physical parameters considerably cut the operating costs. The antenna has a width of only 378 mm and is equipped with a vortex generator, which reduces wind loads by up to 60%. Its low weight helps relieve the structural loads on masts and towers by about 30%. This innovative mix of future-proof technology and efficient, small format opens up real potential for operators – in terms of space, technical possibilities and profitability.

Yet another benefit: Due to the compact architecture the download throughput is optimized automatically in a 4x4 MIMO system – compared to a wider antenna design. Small outside, big inside – the 378 platform is a masterpiece of complexity: For best transmission and reception quality, we have equipped the 378 platform with two broadband arrays for low-band and four broadband arrays for high-band, all with a modular design. The high-band systems cover all relevant frequency ranges, starting with the L-band at 1500 MHz and going up to 2.6 GHz

3.5 GHz – We’re Ready for the Future

There is also a filtered version for the frequency bands in the low- and high-band of the 378 platform. This option allows maximum flexibility for the ports and results in an increase of port counts. Up to eighteen 4.3-10 connectors are possible, resulting in countless advantages for mobile network operators. In addition, the antenna systems are designed with a horizontal half-power beamwidth of 65°. Each frequency band allows a separate electrical tilt via the integrated Flex-RET module – a future-proof technology that already prepares you for the new AISG v3.0 standard.

From the very first hour of operation, end customers will benefit noticeably from the slim 378 platform: A significantly improved network performance and the fact that two low-band frequencies can be operated on separate antenna arrays avoids intermodulation and improves the network quality audibly. Our 378 platform is fit for the future. Continuous further development will enable options for many different scenarios. To give an example: We are already working on solutions for the integration of 3.5 GHz systems!

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Datasheet 378 platform - Download

12-Port multi-band Passive Antenna

1st Global antenna in ultra compact platform

12-port antenna 

  • 2 x lowband
  • 4 x highband (including 2 x L-Band)

Frequency range

  • 2 x 698-960MHz
  • 2 x 1427-2690MHz
  • 2 x 1695-2690MHz
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